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  1. eduncan911

    [WTB] Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 or cheap CPUs for ~$100

    I picked up a 3106 for $75 and need another one. Considering the Gold 6136F 12 core is $150, I can't see paying $130-$140 for another 3106. But then again, two 6136F would set me back $300 and I'll have a left over cheap part no one wants. If anyone has an 3106, or a pair of inexpensive...
  2. eduncan911

    Minisforum Elitemini B550 - Full B550 AM4 65W Socket, APU + x16 eGPU Docking Station - $319

    These STH reviews of Tiny PCs hasn't coaxed me to go mini. Nope, uh uh. Not until I go off the grid or something, at which keeping 240 TB online would be a bit difficult. Even still, I never liked Embedded CPUs ... However, Windell just posted a review of this thing - right when I was...
  3. eduncan911

    Why are there so many Failed/Bad Xeon Scalable 1st & 2nd Gen CPUs on eBay?

    There seems to be a awful lot of Failed and Bad / For Parts / As-Is eBay sales of these CPUs. Seeing a failed Intel CPU has been rare in my 24 years on eBay. However, searching for anything "Intel Xeon Silver" or gold or alike brings back a bunch of bad CPUs. Why is this? Is the IPC weak or...
  4. eduncan911

    Intel E5 V4 Turbo Bins (the hard-to-find-sh*t!)

    Intel has refused to release the Available Turbo Bins for Intel V4 processors. Any Intel forum discussions around E5 V4 turbo bins turns into a PM and NDA signing in order for someone to get the bins. Intel did originally release a few screenshots of turbo bins during the launch; however...
  5. eduncan911


    Edit: All done. Thank you! Trying to find a good deal to increase the ram on my flashship box. Ideally looking for 4x 32GB sticks. Really want to push the ThreadRipper to 3200, but would consider 2933 as well. I could also go for 6x and even 8x sticks if cheap enough (to not break the bank).
  6. eduncan911

    [COMPLETE][WTB] Intel E5-2687W V4

    I see the E5-2687W V4 has sold in May several times around $160-$180. $150 + shipping? I could buy 1, 2, or 3 or more. The E5-2697A V4 is a cheaper alternative if someone has them in bulk? Though, I really prefer the 2687W (higher base clocks, and all turbo). Until then, I'll most likely...
  7. eduncan911

    [SOLVED] SAS Expander Chip... Expansion or Breakout Cable or Board? Does such a thing exist?

    I have an onboard 8-Port HBA SAS3 controller that I'd like to snake into a 1U chassis that holds 12x LFF (the infamous NR12000). Problem statement: so how would one connect 14x SAS drives (2x SLOG) to an 8-port controller? Usual answer: Backplanes baby! However, there is no backplane here...
  8. eduncan911

    [COMPLETED][WTB-ORROW] Epyc/Rome CPU to test Locked CPU

    Hello: I may be a victim of a locked Epyc 7551 and need to verify. Could I pay someone a few bucks to borrow their 7001/7002 CPU for a few days to test of things boot? Like, as soon as it can boot, it gets shutdown and removed. I just need to verify if it's a locked CPU or not...
  9. eduncan911

    Is this SAS drive really failing?

    So, Total uncorrected errors = 0. Meaning, it was able to correct all errors? Smartctl long test resulted the same READ error, twice, which halted the tests: # smartctl -l selftest /dev/sdb smartctl 7.2 2020-12-30 r5155 [x86_64-linux-5.4.174-2-pve] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-20, Bruce...
  10. eduncan911

    [Article Suggestion] OCU Link - What it is, what you can use it for, problems/expanding, etc?

    Title says it all! I'm typically 5-10 years behind in my Homelab (as that's all we can afford, right?) and I now have an Epyc board with two OCU Links. Very first thought that went through my head, "You know, @Patrick has some great videos about a new technology or part or slot or protocol...
  11. eduncan911

    Recommend some Samsung Enterprise M.2s?

    I can't afford new. :) So, looking to scoop up a few M.2 enterprise drives from eBay for my servers and laptop. I have a collection of Samsung EVOs and Pros I bought well before I learned about the super capacitors in enterprise variants.
  12. eduncan911

    4U, 2x Node, 4x E5 V3/V4, 56x LFF SAS3 3.5" bay - $299 - CISCO UCS C3260

    $300 shipping though (freight)... Thought about contacting them to see if they would use my UPS account number. Yikes. $300 is for standard Freight. However, they can ship 1 unit via normal fedex/ups if you contact them direct. @Patrick have you seen such a system before? This looks like...
  13. eduncan911

    Thread Awards/Recognition?

    Does STH have some form of special recognition or award for excellent posts? I ask because this one deserves an award: EVGA Forums has had a long-running recognition system with Ribbons...
  14. eduncan911

    1U, 2x E5 V1/V2, SAS1, 10x SFF - WIWYNN LYRA-M SV315 ~$100 w/free shipping

    Edit:. See the thread replies below. There are many deals for this server. I think this is a decent deal for someone looking for 10x 2.5" SAS1 chassis, dual E5 V1/V2 CPUs, dual PSUs, and lots of ram, especially when compared to the Hyve servers. I cannot vouch for the server itself. Maybe...
  15. eduncan911

    WD101EFBX - 10 TB @ $209.99 WD Red Plus NAS Hard Drive 3.5"

    Saw these drop on NewEgg down to $209, then NewEgg doing it's Newegg crap, jacked it back up. Then saw they dropped on WD's own website. These are also CMR, not SMR. :) (pick the 10TB variant) Still...
  16. eduncan911

    Hyve "S-SKUD 2" - 1U, 8x LFF SAS3, 2x LGA 3647 Skylake-SP, 2x PCIe x16, 1x OCP 2.0 x16 w/2x 25Gbps Connectx-4, 1x OCP 2.0 x8 - $179 + Shipping

    No, not that Hyve Zeus... This is a different 1U. :) Hyve HYV-S-SLF-SSKUD-2, aka "Hyve S-SKUD 2" The size looks identical to the looong Chenbro 12x 3.5 chassis models. However, the Chenbro has a standard ATX-sized mobo and fans butted right up against the mobo in order to fit 12x LFF 3.5"...
  17. eduncan911

    [COMPLETED][WANTED] Epyc 7001/7002 Motherboard

    I've seen the Supermicro H11SSL-i go for about $275-$300 on eBay and other forums. So that's about the ballpark I'm looking at. Prefer the Asrock Rack version if possible, EPYCD8 or EPYCD8-2T. Supermicro works as well. I have a 7001 series CPU to put in it (hence the non-Rome ask). However...
  18. eduncan911

    E5-46xx V4 in Supermicro X10 mobos? (ES CPUs give microcode errors)

    So, Craft Computing put in E5-46xx CPUs in his LGA2011 V1/V2 system and it booted and ran fine. Does anyone know if this works with V3/V4 versions of the Supermicro motherboards? /TL;DR Turns out my old engineer samples of E5-2650L V4 CPUs, and one gives an error and won't work in this...
  19. eduncan911

    [COMPLETED] WTB - Several Rasbperry Pi 3s... (3B/3B+)

    All done, thanks for looking! ---- I am volunteering at a local elementary school this year to offer some electronic classes, 3D printing, model rockets, etc. I have two RPi 3Bs; but, think I need a couple more for the groups. However, I am unable to find any RPi 3B on eBay for anywhere near...
  20. eduncan911

    WTB: Supermicro "Square" Heatsinks for 2U - SNK-P0048P

    Seen a few of these floating around the forums. Figured someone might have a pair (2) of them for sale. :) Might be interested in the Active versions... Though, don't care for the noise and would need to be cheap to offset that noise. Turns out I bought the wrong "narrow" versions a while...