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  1. DaSaint

    WTB: SGI 3016 Chassis

    Hey All, I already have one of these but would love to have another to do similar mods to what i did in my past, Anyone got one they want to sell?
  2. DaSaint

    2TB Intel NVME 2.5 P3500 400$/Shipped Ebay

    Hey all, don't know if this is a great deal but i have been keeping tabs on this, seller has em marked as refurb, but i thought price was better than most deals.. has 10 avail. Intel P3500 2TB 2.5" NVME/PCIe SSD SSDPE2MX020T4 | eBay Hope it helps someone
  3. DaSaint

    Hitachi - HUSML4040ASS601 SAS SSD

    Not Sure if this is a "Great Deal" but usually cheaper than what i find for these drives. The listing is for ~130/ea I got 5 for 100/ea on a Offer. Hitachi Ultrastar 400Gb 2.5" SAS 6Gb eMLC SSD SED Hard Drive - HUSML4040ASS601 | eBay I needed these exact drives to build a Mirrored VDEV...
  4. DaSaint

    WTB/WTT 9300-8E and US-XG-16

    Got what i needed this can be closed
  5. DaSaint

    My Modded SE3016 with Intel SAS Expander

    Hey all, Just wanted to share my SE3016 Mod that i did just in case someone else gets interested in the same idea. Mods that were done were 1) 80 to 120MM Noctua Fans ($20/ea) CFM went from 84.1 to ~65 CFM per fan Noctua 120mm, 3 Speed Setting Anti-Stall Knobs Design SSO2 Bearing...
  6. DaSaint

    NDS2241-JD 24 X 2.5" SAS/SATA JBOD Storage Array

    Dont know if this is a GREAT Deal but i bought one, I have seen a few others a little bit more pricer on ebay as well but hell for a JBOD unit cant complain, gonna see what its like in a teardown to see if i can make it quiet and how far i can take the system. This guy has a 24x2.5 JBOD Array...
  7. DaSaint

    WTB: SuperMicro X9SRI

    Hey all, Looking to buy specifically an X9SRI motherboard, have a case that only fits a single socket SM board (CSE-523) i have already a few of the X9SRI boards so i wanted to keep in the family line on that... Shoot me a price, will consider Non-IPMI Versions as well.. FYI i dont need...
  8. DaSaint

    Best ZIL and SLOG based on My Avail Stock

    Hey all, Wondering if you could help me out with choosing the best ZIL and L2ARC for my OmniOS ZFS Environment. Currently use the drives for ESXi NFS Based implementations and other data (SMB etc.) The Drives i have Currently Accessible to me are listed below. What i am hoping is based on...
  9. DaSaint

    16GB - ECC/Reg DDR3 - Dimms BO 6@50/ea

    has 6 left but was able to do a BO for 50/each when i bought 6 Kingston PC3-10600 16 GB DIMM 1333 MHz DDR3L Memory (KTH-PL313LV/16G)