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    Weird network performance issue under Hyper-V

    Environment: Dell T30 Onboard Intel 219-LM NIC E3 1225 V5 16gb RAM 500gb Crucial MX500 for host OS 1tb Samsung 860 EVO for single VM Running Server 2019 Essentials with no additional roles than Hyper-V. Single VM running 2019 Essentials. Allocated 2 vCPUs (tried it with 4, no difference), 10gb...
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    Memtest86 8.2 and PowerEdge T140 with Intel Xeon E-2136

    I just recently got a couple Poweredge T140 servers in for a couple clients. One has an i3 8100, the other has a Intel Xeon E-2136. The Xeon one fails every memory test I throw at it with Memtest86 8.2. I've replaced the RAM with known good RAM - including the RAM from the other T140 and it...
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    Dell H730/H740 drive compatibility

    Hey anyone know if Dell is back to blocking non-branded drives in their RAID controllers? I was reading something about them blocking consumer SSDs but was curious if they block enterprise drives like the HGST HC510. Any first hand experience one these two RAID controllers with non-Dell branded...
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    Optane performance as a SLOG

    I'm running OmniOS (latest community version + latest Napp-It) baremetal on a Dell R720 with an H310 HBA. It has 128gb of RAM and 6x 8tb Seagate Enterprise 7200rpm drives. These aren't the NAS drives nor the Shingled ones, just straight up capacity SATA. The pool is set up as 3x mirrored vdevs...
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    Napp-IT - Recovering iSCSI info after OmniOS Crash

    I recently rebooted my OmniOS SAN due to some physical rack changes. I properly shut down the servers using iSCSI before shutting down the SAN. However upon booting back up, OmniOS went into some forced maintenance mode and I was unable to find a way to recover the info. I intended on moving the...
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    NLA Profile + iSCSI Weirdness

    I have a hyper-v server that connects to an OmniOS SAN using MPIO. Whenever a storage network card changes configuration or is disconnected, Windows Firewall gets confused and acts like the primary network is Public instead of Domain and the machine becomes unavailable via RDP. A reboot fixes...
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    FS: Nearly New ZeusRAM SSD Z4RZF3D-8UC

    I recently purchased a ZeusRAM for one of my storage pools. However, I don't have a dual-ported setup, nor, come to find out, the workload that really needs one of these. I'd prefer to put the money in mass SSD storage instead. It's nearly new with very few hours/writes on it (not that it...
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    ZeusRAM Expected Performance?

    I recently purchased a ZeusRAM Z4RZF3D-8UC for use as a ZIL on my storage server now that I'm planning to switch to iSCSI. I put it in my 4 drive pair of mirrors lab test box. I ran benchmarks and didn't get nearly the 4k results I expected. I pulled the drive and put it in one of my R710's for...
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    iSCSI MPIO - 3x NICs = less performance than 2x?

    I just started playing with iSCSI after having had a home lab for over 4 years. Most of my job consists of working with small businesses that have few if any servers and I'm just looking to expand my knowledge for the future. I set up a test lab with the configuration below. I'm going to spell...
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    Want to Test: Dell H730/p in a Dell R720 server

    Has anyone here ever tested a Dell H730 or H730P PCI-E controller in a Dell R720 server? I know it is a mismatch of generations and as such not officially supported by Dell but I am very curious if this actually works for one and 2 if the storage is able to be configured using the iDRAC...
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    Cisco 3750E Questions

    I've been reading up on Cisco 3750E-series switches and found that they usually have a pair of 10G ports on them. Being that I've not used much Cisco gear, I have the following questions: 1. Anyone have a good idea what the non-POE 48pt model's power consumption at idle and under load is like...
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    WTT: 32gb (8gbx4) DDR3 ECC UDIMM

    I currently have 4x SuperTalent (Micron) 8gb DDR3 1600 ECC UDIMM modules model W1600EB8GM that work perfectly in my Dell R210II, my Supermicro 1155 series systems, etc. but for whatever reason won't POST in my Lenovo ThinkServer TS140. I am looking to swap for RAM that will work with the TS140...
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    WTB: 4x L5639 CPUs - EDIT: Found

    I'm looking for a decent deal on 4x L5639 CPUs. I got a crazy good deal on a couple R710's and I'm hoping these will tame the beast when it comes to power consumption. These aren't quite as power-efficient as my R720 but they're a dang good buy at $310/ea with 48gb, H700, dual PSUs, drive...
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    Dell R210II Rail Question

    I bought a pair of rapid rails supposedly for my R210II but the inner sliding rails don't seem to fit at all. Anyone here have an R210II with sliding rails? If so, do you have a part number for the inner and outer pieces for me? I can't seem to find any that list as sliding rails anywhere on...
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    Badass Cabling Job on a Home Network

    Stumbled across this guy's home network. Pretty badass cable management in my opinion!
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    WTB: Dell R720

    Looking for a Dell R720 with 3.5 bays... Barebones is great!
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    FS: 4x 200gb Intel S3700 SSDs

    Selling 4x 200gb Intel S3700's. Very low writes/minimal usage (exact figures available upon request). These are the full Intel branded SATA 6G, not crippled HP or Dell drives. Asking $175 each shipped in the continental US.
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    Dell R720 NVMe Sadness

    I picked up a Dell R720 recently and have been pretty stoked about its performance with dual 2670's. I upgraded to the NVMe hot-swap option that consists of a 4-port card that splits the PCI-E x16 slot 4x ways and connects to a hotswap bay in the front for 4x NVMe drives. Pretty freaking cool...
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    FS: Supermicro X9DR7-TF+, SC216 chassis

    I have a pair of Supermicro X9DR7-TF+ boards for sale. 24x Memory Slots! Dual socket with latest bios to support v1 or v2 CPUs Onboard LSI 2208 RAID controller with 1gb cache 2x Intel x540-T2 10G Ports More details on the board here: Supermicro | Products | Motherboards | Xeon® Boards |...
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    FS: Supermicro SC216 Non-Expander Version w/Rails

    Selling my Supermicro 2u SC216 Chassis: 24x hotswap bays with trays included Single 721w gold certified PSU Rails included (the good ones that allow you to pull it ALL the way out) 3x PWM Midplane Hotswap Fans Included. This model is the non-expander backplane. I've personally tested every...