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  1. TheServerGuy

    FS: Samsung SSD PM1643 3.84TB SAS 12Gb/s MZ-ILT3T8A & Ultrastar NS100 1.6TB SAS PCIe x4

    I've got a couple SSD drives for sale. The PM1643 drives were pulled from a NetApp appliance and reformatted to 512 byte sector size. These were used for Chia plotting but they have plenty of life left. I didn't check the endurance info before pulling them but it is definitely over 85% if not...
  2. TheServerGuy


    This is a steal right here for these 128GB SATADOMs at $35 a piece. SSD-DM128-SMCMVN1 I just purchased 5 and looks like seller has 15 more available, dunno if they'll relist. Oops my bad.. LINK