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  1. Jeggs101

    Beelink GTR5 AMD 5900HX 32GB 500GB $765

    It shipped at $714.15. The other listing is $850. @Patrick where's the review? I was hoping to see it today.
  2. Jeggs101

    Beelink GTR5 AMD 5900HX 32GB 500GB $765

    Might be a pricing mistake, but there's another listing that is sold by Beelink Direct $764 with a $50 coupon. That coupon is probably a mistake and this one is a limited time deal.
  3. Jeggs101

    How to Pass-through PCIe NICs with Proxmox VE on Intel and AMD

    Use E1000 instead and then try disabling hw checksum offload if that is an option. This happened on pfSense on Proxmox bridges too and the fix is E1000.
  4. Jeggs101

    STH Turns 13 Entering the Teenage Years

    Here's to another 13
  5. Jeggs101

    EDIT*** Questions Re: Onboard LSI3008 and HBA's

    For 400/20 that J4125 is plenty. I think getting the RMA is good too.
  6. Jeggs101

    The 2022-2023 Intel Data Center Chips First-Look

    You're getting a lotta mileage from that event.
  7. Jeggs101

    Why does it seem like it's so quiet on STH?

    I'm sure @Patrick is on spring break or maybe there's something like that going on. It just seems quiet on STH this week. Is it just me?
  8. Jeggs101

    1U, 2x E5 V1/V2, SAS1, 10x SFF - WIWYNN LYRA-M SV315 ~$100 w/free shipping

    Well @burly I'd say that this is great. Maybe it should be its own post? Also though, these are like 8-10 year old servers right? How long to capacitors and stuff last? I'd be thinkin about that if I had one now.
  9. Jeggs101

    DPU vs SmartNIC and the STH NIC Continuum Framework

    This was really great @Patrick
  10. Jeggs101

    Bhyve vs proxmox

    Sorry, that is a dumb video. I'm not going to watch. Bhyve is a less complete VM solution whereas KVM is very mature. KVM is the basis for the modern cloud, Bhyve is so bad that TrueNAS Scale is abandoning Bhyve for KVM. Silly video.
  11. Jeggs101

    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    Not sure but I'm thinking pcie lanes maybe. No idea since I haven't used it.
  12. Jeggs101

    Apple Mac Mini M1 10GbE Gets 10Gbase-T

    I don't get the hiatus skit and music.
  13. Jeggs101

    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    I think it's regardless unless maybe you get the GPU option. At work they've all been 2 M.2s.
  14. Jeggs101

    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    If they're going to be at home, then no vPro is fine. A feature you might want from AMT and vPro is that they've got power on/ off remotely with vPro. If you don't want that (or set to power on and off with a home plug) then you're fine getting cheaper levels of machines. If i'm looking at like...
  15. Jeggs101

    1u 115x water cooling guide

    This is cool.
  16. Jeggs101

    Frankenstein Modded Mellanox Adapters What The

    This was a listing I saw on ebay: The "LIKE" dual port 10G is explained in the description: It seems like they're taking single port cards, soldering on the extra connectors...
  17. Jeggs101

    10Gbit networking on Supermicro X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F

    How are you measuring 4G/s? x8 is more than enough for 10G
  18. Jeggs101

    Intel Ice Lake Xeon or AMD Milan for Monero XMR Mining?

    Which is faster? Is Intel going to be the best because of 10nm?