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    [WTS] Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN200 7.68TB (SOLD)

    I got 30 pieces of the below 7.68TB NVMe drives. --> All sold Selling price is $XXX. Payoneer preferred, paypall accepted. Shipping can be negotiated, located in South Korea. On another note, does anyone know these drives? And why they're not showing up in the warranty check with HGST? They...
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    [FS] Oracle Samsung PM1725A PCIe NVMe 3.2TB HHHL - Price lowered

    I have Oracle Samsung PM1725A 3.2TB PCIE Gen3 x8 NVMe cards for sale: $400/ea with shipping fees negotiable. Pieces remaining: 6 --> 5 Samsung P/N: MZPLK3T2HCJL-000U4 Oracle P/N: 7317693 These were recently used in Dell servers and just recently retired. They all have from 93% to 97% life and...
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    3rd Homelab - VMware Metro Cluster

    After a few iterations in making labs, I looked into metro clusters. I was instantly attracted to the possibilities and setup two different locations. The picture below is the node which I house where the other node is in a different (close) location. Has anyone succesfully designed and...
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    [WTB] R730xd 24 bay + 2 rear (with or without NVMe support) - Closed

    Looking to buy a R730xd 2.5" barebone Found.. Thank you. Love STH, the people here are aweome!
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    Performance Difference: SAS3 and SAS2 HDDs - What am I missing?

    So everyone understands the SAS3 interface doubles the bandwidth of the previous generation. And that a single hard drive regardless of interface will have a sustained sequential considerably lower than what SAS3/SAS2 maxes out on. I've been telling everyone that the interface doesn't matter...
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    Cleaning out some old lab equipment

    Selling some overstock hardware I got my hands on, as well as clearing up lab equipment I no longer need. The money earned is funding my new home lab setup. Message me if you're interested in seeing my current setup! CPUs Intel Xeon E3-1220 v5 - 1pcs :: $60 Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 - 2pcs ...
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    Looking for a good SAN solution for VMware

    On a small budget, have looked into different possibilities. Vsan - too expensive and storage usage is too small (usable storage). Performance is great tho. OSNEXUS - This was going to be the solution as it is free and has all the features of ZFS and supposedly Rdma support (found out this...
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    HP Proliant SSD Compatibility

    I've used both Dell and HP servers in my homelab but am doing some purchasing for a test environment where the requirements are a little higher. Both R630/730 and DL360/DL380 gen9 accept non OEM SSD's but with HP, I remember orange light would appear. In my homelab this wasn't a problem, but...
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    Advice on vSAN networking : Infiniband

    I'm setting up a vSAN network with 3 Nodes. I have set up a vSAN cluster with 10G Ethernet (base-T) 2 years ago and wanted to delve into infiniband for a new test environment. I've done some reading up on this but wanted to get some tips from people who have successfully implemented a similar...
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    Strange... No one is talking about OSNEXUS (Quantastor)

    Is it just me or does no one here use OSNEXUS for SAN/storage. QuantaStor Software Defined Storage It's a paid SAN solution (software defined yada) which has a community version that allows up to 10TB of storage. You can email them and get that bumped up to 100TB. It's ZFS on Linux with support...
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    Price of DDR4 8GB higher than 16GB.... REALLY?

    I'm almost sure this is in the wrong forum, but couldn't find the right one. I sold off a bunch of DDR4 ram which I no longer needed, and was amazed how quickly all the 8GB modules went. I did a quick check on ebay to see the prices and realized that 8GB was the same price range as the 16GB...
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    PM971 BGA NVMe SSD

    Has anyone had a chance trying these out? Apparently it's flash Nand, controller and lpddr all in one package. A single chip. I think it's used for embedded appliances (ie. IoT and M2M) but can't get my hands on any samples. Toshiba came out with a similar product (inferior ofcourse) which has...
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    FS: Samsung DDR4 32GB 2Rx4 PC4-2133P

    Deleted. Sorry about that
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    FS: EMC Samsung PM1633 (MZILS3T8HCJM) 3.84TB SAS3 SSD

    Deleted - Sorry guys :(
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    Cheap Fusion IO SX350 6.4TB

    These used to sell for $3,500+ on ebay when they were cheap. *NEW*Lenovo io3 6.4TB Enterprise Mainstream Flash Adapter PCIex8 FUSION io SX350 | eBay These drives are great. I wonder why its selling for so low. I have a spare used one if anyone is interested. I paid much more than what this...
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    Expensive hobbies

    I was just wondering, do any of you have similar problems: Browse ebay to find deals for SSD's that would cost a normal person the price of a new PC Avoid talking to coworkers about your hobbies because they may think you're crazy (if they ever saw your lab) Realize your hobbies cost more than...