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  1. randalldeflagg

    SM CSE 826 sweet deal

    Ehh, I bought the last one I think. I've been eying these to put another system together for messing around with from other parts, and this brings me down to just needing a cpu at this point. Or use my older e5 v1 board
  2. randalldeflagg

    How to build a real NAS with the windows OS (headless)?

    you can do a iscsi setup on the second computer/nas and connect to it over the network. it will the present as a physical drive on your desktop. two connectx cards and dac cable will let you run at full speed line speed as well. To get even more nitty gritty, assign them an IP on a different...
  3. randalldeflagg

    [Newegg] ASRock Rack D1541D4U-2O8R mATX 8-core Xeon D-1541 mobo with SFP+ $179!

    I have one of these just sitting in a itx box right now: X10SDV-4C-TLN2F if you are interested in it, I would be willing to let it go fairly cheap
  4. randalldeflagg

    X10SDV-4C-TLN2F $229.90

    I would actually be interested in know what case you went with. I have two of these boards currently for lab stuff.
  5. randalldeflagg

    New Fujitsu D3348-B23 Motherboard (LGA2011-3), $200 OBO ($140 accepted), Ebay

    Pretty sure I have some stability issues going on with mine. Could be the free old quadro card from work. Free for a reason perhaps. it doesnt hard lock, but it gets a bit odd. nothing in the esxi logs as to what is going on either. Temp levels look good. Guess it time to "borrow" for testing a...
  6. randalldeflagg

    New Fujitsu D3348-B23 Motherboard (LGA2011-3), $200 OBO ($140 accepted), Ebay

    Everything is available in the link on the first post: copy and paste into file explorer or what ever and grab the files you want. I forget the exact numbering, but fill the black slots first.
  7. randalldeflagg

    HPE EC200A Xeon D-1518 'hybrid server' on ebay ~$150

    You mount it in the ilo as a virtual cd drive and boot from it. its pretty much self automated so it index and applies updates that are needed
  8. randalldeflagg

    HPE EC200A Xeon D-1518 'hybrid server' on ebay ~$150

    I can confirm the Samsung Memory works just fine. I have two sticks of 4gb installed (I had them from ordering the wrong stuff for a different project and forgetting about them way beyond the return window) You can use ipmiviewer but it is very very limited No GUI console is available in this...
  9. randalldeflagg

    HPE EC200A Xeon D-1518 'hybrid server' on ebay ~$150

    sigh... fine. I've ordered one to run untangled on
  10. randalldeflagg

    Long distance USB?

    if you just want to throw USB a good distance we use these as well for 50 foot-ish runs when we can run a direct HDMI signal to a TV USB 2.0 over Cat5 Cat6 Extender Transmitter Receiver High Speed USB 330 ft 100M 1 Port (B203-101) | Tripp Lite
  11. randalldeflagg

    Long distance USB?

    if you need to push a 4k signal and want usb2 you can use this: Monoprice Blackbird 4K HDBaseT Extender, 4K at 100m, USB KVM, HDCP 2.2, PoC, EDID - we use these all the time at work in our sales offices where the computers running the touch tables and displays are in basement of...
  12. randalldeflagg

    Long distance USB?

    you are going to need a usb extender of sorts. but for usb3... be prepared to pay a truck load for them:
  13. randalldeflagg

    14TB White label drive $199.99 free s/h

    Extra stickers add 100mb each
  14. randalldeflagg

    14TB White label drive $199.99 free s/h

    No dents on the ones I received
  15. randalldeflagg

    14TB White label drive $199.99 free s/h

    The seller wasn't kidding about the drives never being powered on. Power On time on the drive I ordered reported zero hours, and 7 power cycles. So if I had to guess, pulled a storage shelf somehwere. Write speeds are at 264MB/s Read@ 270MB/s. So I am satisfied with them
  16. randalldeflagg

    14TB White label drive $199.99 free s/h They are white labeled. so who knows what exactly they are. Seller is saying the equivalent drive is the Seagate EXOS drives. Figured for $200 not a terrible...
  17. randalldeflagg

    Intel S2600WTT based server - Nmi activated - system halted

    I know this is a necro bump, but ran into the same error message as above. Went into the BIOS and disabled SERR reporting. Fired right up after that. this was on a intel s2600 board. Hopefully this helps someone in the future
  18. randalldeflagg

    Used S2600CP Board - On-Off, Amber flashing, no BIOS Screen - Help needed

    you have both 8pin power headers connected as well correct?
  19. randalldeflagg

    Plexinator v1 -

    I might have a LSI 3008 in my collection of parts... I can check to see when I get home if you are interested.