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    [US] FS: (1) WD 8TB My Book, HGST 3TB 7200RPM

    All of the drives have been wiped and I ran badblocks on them - all passed. I included the CrystalDiskInfo drive status too. The 8TB drives were shucked and I had them in my server for 2-3 years. Selling them as I upgraded to larger capacity drives. $105 for each 8TB drive (1 drive left)...
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    Can't get 10Gbit speeds on Intel X550-T1

    Yeah it looks like it's a counterfeit. I hooked it up to another Windows machine and ran Iperf and also tried NTttcp and it still was coming under 5Gb/s. :( Looks like I should have just opted for the ASUS 10G card. EDIT: UPC is showing X550-T2, yup fake.
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    Can't get 10Gbit speeds on Intel X550-T1

    Hey everyone, I bought an Intel X550-T1 on eBay and tested it only to find out it craps out at around ~326MB/s (2.6Gbit/s). Thinking it may be my Ethernet cable (50ft CAT5e), I swapped it for CAT6 but atlas that did not help. So I tried putting the card in a separate computer with a different...
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    FS: 8-core LGA 2011 combo, 3-bay hotswap to 2x 5.25" bays

    Heat: Trader Reviews for SolidBladez |
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    SFP+ question

    Here's the correct link: Lot of 2 10GB Mellanox ConnectX-2 SFP+ PCI-e Network Card w/ 3M Cable 671798-001 That's the thing. The cables that came with it are Cisco which makes me believe that it's not locked down like Intel. And that basically confirms what I was thinking. :D
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    SFP+ question

    First, just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone here. I knew very little about networking and server stuff about 3 months ago and now I've set up a more stable and enjoyable network at my home. :) I just bought a pair of Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN 10GbE (single-port) NICs on eBay. They...
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    Phone WiFi issues

    The firmware isn't the problem since I tried the stock (Ubiquiti), DD-WRT, and OpenWRT with my UAP-LR. Like a few others suggested, it's probably a compatibility issue with the AP chipset (Atheros) and whatever Samsung is using. For reference I'm using a Samsung Galaxy On5 and it has the exact...
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    white label (WD) HDD

    Just wanted to follow up on the HDDs that I bought. They were, indeed, Toshiba MG04ACA600e. I ran some benchmarks and was able to get 220 MB/s read/write. Not bad. Currently running badblocks to make sure they're fully functional.
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    What does this mean ?

    I think it's telling you that P1_DIMM2A encountered a ECC correctable error warning (1/4). If that increases is when you want to start thinking about replacing that DIMM. (source 1 (page 13) / source 2)
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    white label (WD) HDD

    Just bought 6 x 6TB 7200RPM 128MB drives from memorylabs. I asked the seller what the drives were based on and he said they were Toshiba MG04ACA600e. I was able to do $147/drive by paying via PayPal invoice instead of going through eBay. If they perform as expected, I think that was a pretty...
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    WTB: Fractal Design Define R5 case

    Just FYI, the R5 is on sale on Newegg for $90.