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    Supermicro 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5" HDD enclosure (sas or sata) ~ $106.25-$125 (new'ish)

    As I recall its got 4 x 5.25 bays, so only one unit. I can fit maybe another 5 drives in the box in various locations. It's just a receive target for my main zfs pool on another system, so I don't spend much time fiddling with it. Its on about an hour a day,
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    Supermicro 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5" HDD enclosure (sas or sata) ~ $106.25-$125 (new'ish)

    I've got mine in an old Antec P183v2, no bending/cutting required.
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    Supermicro 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5" HDD enclosure (sas or sata) ~ $106.25-$125 (new'ish)

    My bad, I didn't read closely enough.
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    Supermicro 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5" HDD enclosure (sas or sata) ~ $106.25-$125 (new'ish)

    Just FYI, you can can get these drop shipped from Supermicro via Bottom Line Technologies for $127/ea. But you'll have to wait on SM. It took them several weeks to ship my CSE-M35TQB.
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    Supermicro X10-SRi-F showing onboard NICs with all zeros for mac addresses

    I got a board secondhand, with an old BIOS and IPMI. Updated both before even installing the board in the case, and now that I'm trying to bring the system up, the nics aren't detected. They don't even show up in lspci. In the IPMI interface, they are listed as all zeros for both. Anyone...
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    X10SRL-F bad RAM slot or defective CPU?

    Shout out to this thread. I picked up an x10SRL-F and a e5 v4 CPU and got a DIMM1D error message when I booted the system after installing in the case. Swapped memory, no change. Found this thread, booted the board/cpu/memory combo outside the case, no problems.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    The Juniper EX-2300c is the other switch that seems to occupy the same space.
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    Supermicro(s) post hangs on code 42

    My SYS-5018A-FTN4 was fine too for a long time. And then in February it wasn't. I got the same hung at POST (I think my code was different). I opened a case with Supermicro and ending up getting the board replaced (even with advanced replacement). I'd contact Supermicro with a list of the...
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    The Intel Atom C2000 Series Bug – Why it is so quiet

    The A1SRi-2758F in my 5018a-FTN4 died several weeks ago (bought second hand on eBay). I tried setting up an RMA directly citing the AVR54 bug, and it was denied as "Out Of Warranty". I went back a couple of weeks later submitted a support case with the same information, that they then asked me...
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    My humble 10Watt server put AWS EB2 to shame!

    Your methodology is a little flawed, because you are testing against a Burstable instance type (t2 or t3). There's a whole CPU credit thing that depending on how you launched the system has wildly different impact. The T family have some other behaviors that are configured for their intended...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I purchased a 6430-24 because it was fanless.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    The VLAN config looks right, however, I have a 6430 (no routing), so my suspicion is that its something to do with your routing configuration.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I'm not sure this is your problem, but when I was setting up my IOT vlan, I kept getting the Dual Mode command backwards, so I was adding a tag for the wrong vlan to the port (ie, in your case, I would have been tagging vlan 1, instead of 2 and/or 99). Here's the vlan bits from my config...
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    Create Custom Fan Speed Maps for SuperMicro X10 Servers via IPMI

    I was digging around for similar info last week and came across this: Superfans
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    $210 BROCADE ICX6610-48P-E

    I have an ICX6430, anyone figured out how to get the system to use a non-deprecated ssh config so I don't have to make manual changes to all of my hosts?
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    $210 BROCADE ICX6610-48P-E

    With Ruckus buying the business from Brocade, the firmware is actually available now with just a created account, no contract necessary.
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    FT: TONS OF STUFF, Network, Servers, Drives, Ram + More

    Damn it, I could have used a Connect:Amp...
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    CEPH Install work instruction (Kraken release)

    I have some experience/data on Jewel using it as a pure object store if it would be helpful to others....
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    Dell R730XD Intel DC S3710 MLC 400GB SSD 2.5 6Gb/s SATA III Wrnty AUG 2020

    How many OSDs/Nodes are in your Ceph cluster?
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    Dell 1500VA 2U UPS (DLT1500RM2U)

    I have my pfSense router connected to my APC via serial, and NUT running on it (as master) and all the other systems that have their power connected to the UPS (as slaves). I also fear the metadata corruption demon.