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    Supermicro B1SA4-2750F blade with 4 Atom C2750

    Hi, anyone was even encounter microblades from supermicro? I really like passive cooling, IPMI and four 8 core cpus (very slow, but still goot enough for docker) with 16 gb ECC DDR3 sodimms each for a half size of ATX motherboard. Manual is here Boards can be bought on ebay for 200 usd. SATA...
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    Canada [NEW LOT] ASROCK X7P-MB REV. 1.02 LGA3647 FPGA C626 SR3HH

    Very cheap and very weird socket 3647 motherboards are on sale from Canada's big seller. At least 3 lots already sold, I'm really wonder if anyone from here got one of those: Strange form...
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    Seagate Constellation.2 SAS 1Tb 2.5 show 0 Mb and SMART support : No

    Bought a "referbushed" drive as a spare, it got detected but with 0 mb. Anything I can do to fix it? Is it dead? Update: Ok it might be a seagate LBA 0 firmware bug, i guess it is dead then.
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    HP ProLiant ML310 G4 support for x3200 quad core?

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone still remember if ML310 G4 motherboard that stated that it support only X3000 dual cores also can run x3200 processors? It certainly can't run x3400 and x5400 I tired that long time ago. x3200 seems to be same gen as X3000 so may be it a way to go, but it is so old...
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    POWEREDGE C6320 Node 150-200 usd

    I have searched for a replacement of my 2011 Sandy platform (C8220) for some time and finally found direct upgrade from the Dell: Dual LGA 2011-3, 16 DDR4 slots, 8 SAS ports, Dual 10Gbe, probably same power cable as C8220/C6220: $205 Offer accepted (with a riser and heatsinks): 4FNTC DELL...
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    Fixing early LGA 2011 server boards incompatibility with Ivy Bridge?

    Hi, Not sure if this problem widespread in homelab community nowdays. There are some HP and DELL early revision motherboards that refuse to boot E5 V2 CPUs. Adding microcodes does not help. I happen to have such mobo, and there are cheap 12 core V2 cpu around I want to make a quick upgrade...