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    EU WTB: Juniper ACX1100-AC ASAP

    Im searching for someone to sell me this router asap. I'll need it in the next weeks. Looking for 300 - 400 Euros. It needs to be the AC version, not the DC one. I only buy a model that is not affected by nand brick/degredation. I will pay for pickup+shipping with UPS world wide.
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    Edge-Core Switch Serial Port problem

    My edge-core Switch that I got from eBay(New) has a problem with the serial port. I set the baud rate and everything else as exptected in the manual(115200) but it only shows me garbled/junk characters. I can see a linux booting from the way and the speed the characters are printed in the...
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    MB for Intel Xeon Gold Omni Path Fabric

    I'm searching for a cheap motherboard that supports running Xeon Gold cpus with the extra omni path connector. Single socket would be great. The seller that I got the cpus from told me that they only work in specific intel boards which are crazy expensive. Any recommendations?
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    Intel Xeon W-1290P / 10900K 1U cooling options

    Im building a 1U Server with a Xeon W-1290P. I've been told that is is possible to cool 10 cores on 4.7GHz with a Supermicro SNK-P0046P Passive cooler on 1U. Is that even possible? This CPU can draw up to 300 watts. Any advice would be great.
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    I need help finding Broadcom b844 (rev 02) driver / BCM56844A1KFRGB

    I've got a A10Networks Thunder TPS 4435 Appliance with 16 SFP+ Ports that are connected to one Broadcom network chip. In the original software, the interfaces are detected. But I've removed it from the disk so I can't check which driver it uses for the NIC. This is the lspci output: 0c:00.0...
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    LGA2011v2 Motherboard reboots suddenly when booting OS or ISOs except one Software

    I've got an older A10Networks Thunder Firewall from 2013. The included software is not usable for me because it is just too old. I'd like to use it for other networking stuff. Hardware CPU: 1x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 Motherboard: Probably a customized A10Networks board with AMIBIOS Memory: 4x...
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    (Worldwide) MicroCloud, CPU and Memory

    The following items are for sale. Please note: The shipping cost is not included. All items will be shipped from Germany. If you buy more than one item I'll give a discount. Supermicro 5037MC-H12TRF 1700 Euros 2x Samsung 32GB Registered ECC 2666MHz Memory 85 Euros each...
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    FS Worldwide NVIDIA QUADRO RTX 5000 16GB

    Got a new and sealed NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 16GB Card. Price is 1800 Euros but I'm open for price offers via DM
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    [Worldwide] [FS] KIOXIA KCM61RUL1T92 1.92TB U.3 SSD PCI Gen 4

    Brand new SSDs, 0 Power on Hours. 2 are available for 450 Euro/each. Normal prices starting from ~630 Euros. Shipping from Germany. Please contact me for shipping costs to your country
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    [Worldwide] ASRock E3C242D4U LGA1151

    Selling this as new. Board has been tested. Price is 320 Euros including shipping. If you are interested please DM me
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    EU FS: Intel Xeon E-2236 Supermicro Server

    CPU: Intel Xeon E-2236 6c/12T Mainboard: Supermicro X11SCZ-F RAM: 4x 16GB Kingston ECC DDR4 UDIMM Module Storage: 1x 500GB WD Black NVMe TLC NAND Chassis: CSE-813MFTQC-350CB2 PSU: 350 Watt Platinum Rated Power Supply Ebay Link: SuperMicro Server | eBay
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    EU HPE 1950-24G-2SFP+-2XGT | JG960A

    This switch is for sale. Condition: NEW. Will be shipped from Germany. Price is 500 Euros + Shipping fees. Please contact me to calculate the shipping fees. Specs: 24 Port 1GBe Ethernet + 2x10G Fiber Uplink
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    My poor Wallet

    CPU: Intel Xeon W-2170B RAM: 8x M393A4K40DB2-CVF Mainboard: Supermicro X11SRL-F Storage: 3x 960GB Samsung PM983; 1x8TB WD RED HDD Chassis: Supermicro SCLA25TQC R609LP Rail Kit Cooler: Dynatron R24
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    HPE DL20 Gen10 weird NVMe behaviour

    I'm currently trying to get a Samsung PM983 NVMe drive working with the DL20 Gen10. It is detected in the BIOS and iLO but the OS does not see it and it is also not bootable. But my Intel 660p 256GB NVMe drive is indeed detected. Does someone know the cause of that? Maybe wrong firmware on the...
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    FS: Intel Xeon E-2236 Server with ASUS P11C-I motherboard

    I have this server for sale. It is in a brand new condition. Link to my original STH post here: The server will be shipped from Germany. Price is 600 Euro. Payment is possible via PayPal or Bank...
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    HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen10 temperature with Xeon E-2236

    I'm wondering how hot this CPU gets with the HPE fans and heatsink(Full load). Has someone already tested that?
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    Asus P11C-I Intel Xeon E-2236 Server

    Build’s Name: No name Operating System/ Storage Platform: Linux CPU: Intel Xeon E-2236 (6c/12t) 4.80GHz all core Motherboard:ASUS P11C-I Chassis: Supermicro CSE-815 Drives: 2x WD RED Enterprise SATA SSD 500GB RAM: 2x Micron UDIMM 32GB DDR4 2666MHz Memory GPU: - Add-in Cards: - Power Supply...
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    Intel Xeon W-1290P PC build

    Build’s Name: Gimme dat Power Operating System/ Storage Platform: Windows 10 Pro CPU: Intel Xeon W-1290P(10c/20t) 4.90GHz all core Motherboard: Supermicro X12SCA-F Chassis: Supermicro CSE-GS5A-754K Drives: 2x Samsung PM983 Enterprise NVMe SSD, 1x 1TB WD RED HDD 1x4TB WD RED HDD RAM: 2x Samsung...
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    ASUS P11C-I with ASMB9-iKVM: After FW update, password not working

    I updated the firmware of my ASMB9-IKVM module. After the update, the IPMI now has two IP adresses as shown in my router. The IPs are pingable and also working via HTTP. But I can't login. I have tried everything: BIOS update, remove the power plug... It is not working at all.