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    FS: AMD Epyc 7001/7002 stuff & SAS/DAC Cables

    I'm new here so assuming you have good history/feedback I'll ship first and accept payment via paypal/crypto/etc. once you receive everything in good working order. Also willing to trade for Epyc Milan stuff. CPUs: AMD EPYC 7551P - $200 One available, works fine. AMD Epyc 7601...
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    DIY Epyc Build

    I'm working on building an epyc server for a co-location. Originally I was planning on a single socket, 64 core Epyc build, but I searched around and found some cheap dual-socket Epyc motherboards on ebay and kinda started going down the rabbit hole. Looking for a sanity check here or maybe I've...
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    Automated failover for a home lab?

    First of all, it's been a long time since I delved into networking so bear with me. My internet connection here is pretty unreliable (comcast), and recently was going out 1-2 days / month for up to 24-48 hours at a time. Typically it was stupid things like the maintenance tech screwing with...