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    SuperMicro BPN-SAS3-216EL1 capacitor design issue

    I purchased 2x2U chassis off eBay which came with BPN-SAS3-216EL1 backplanes. On both of them, I found one capacitor that fell off at different locations. No biggie I guess. I ordered two refurbished backplanes also from eBay and when they arrived today I noticed that one of them had...
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    Broadcom 9308 IT vs IR

    I just realized a few of my servers fitted with 9308 cards are in IR mode instead of IT yet they work just as fine. I always thought/knew that IR made meant the HBA doesn't present the drives directly to the OS, etc but that doesn't appear to be the case. The OS sees the drives...
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    Cleaning thermal paste from socket

    Bought a brand new x10drd-i motherboard. Managed to get some non-conducting thermal paste in the socket. How screwed am I ? I tried cleaning with alcohol, q-tip and a microfiber tissue. No luck, it's deep on the socket below the pins and I'm afraid to bend them. Tips ?
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    HGST Ultrastar 6tb light remains on

    I bought some brand new HUS726060AL5210 HGST 6TB 7.2K 12G 128MB 3.5" SAS Hard Drive and when I put them in a SuperMicro JBOD chassis, the blue light remains on. I've put other drives in these chassis via hotswap and the light doesn't remain on... but these do. What does it mean exactly ?
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    CSE-216BE1C-R920WB hotswap crash

    I purchased a brand new CSE-216BE1C-R920WB from Wiredzone and I populated it with a dual Xeon X10 motherboard, V4 cpus and LSI 9311-8i HBA. All the components are brand new and the server has been working flawlessly for the past 60 days but last night I wanted to add 2 new drives to it while it...
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    E5-4620v2 in dual cpu motherboard

    the E5-4XXX are meant to be in quad cpu systems, but will they work with Supermicro dual cpu motherboards ?
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    2683v4 BIOS + memory population

    I have an X10DRW-iT motherboard with 2 x 2683v4 CPUs and 4 x 32Gb Hynix RAM. #1. In the BIOS, CPU1 under CPU Configuration -> CPU ID , it prints the ID with a * at the end. Does anyone know what that's for ? #2. What is the correct memory population with 2 CPUs and 4 DIMMS ? I put it in slots...
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    Cpu cache tester

    After a very long app debugging process, the developpers are 99.9% sure one of my E5-2620v3 cpus have a faulty l1/2/3 cache. I only tested using memtest86+ Pro and it found no errors but I understand that memtest disables all caches and just tests the ram. Is there an app to test the cpu caches?
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    Supermicro AOM-S3108M-H8 standoffs

    I managed to lose the standoffs that came with my Supermicro AOM card. SMC doesn't sell them separately, not even the RMA department. I took some photos from another server of the actual measurements but I don't know where the look for such a thing. Anyone knows ?
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    Sas backplane to motherboard sata

    I have a Supermicro SC113ac2-706 chassis with 12gbls sas connectors on the backplane. I am trying to connect it directly to an x11srm-f motherboard which has 6 onboard sata ports via a sas to 4 sata ports via a sas breakout cable. The problem is that I'm not seeing any of the drives in the...
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    Sudden server reboot troubleshooting

    So I built out a brand new Supermicro server. Everything was brand new except the chassis: X11SRM-F motherboard, W2225 CPU, 128GB DDR4 2400 Kingston RAM. The motherboard was meant for a desktop but I placed it in a 1U with 500W power supplies. Power consumption is at 96W, IPMI showed...
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    Xeon Gold CPU Pricing

    I'm looking to upgrade to a 3647 socket and looking at the Xeon Gold 6130 CPU..they are insanely expensive. Except on eBay where there are tons made in China, branded as 'new' and priced 1/4 of the price. For example: Intel xeon gold 6130 Official retail version (not QS, not ES) 16 core 2.1G...
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    LSI 9271, WriteBack & SSD performance

    In my testing it appears the 9271-8i works much better ( 800MB/sec vs 260MB/sec ) when configured with WriteBack on a Raid 10 SSD array. The drives are 6x Intel S4510 1.92 SSD drives. If I set it to writethrough the speed drops to 260MB/sec. This makes sense in the 'classical' sense where...
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    Raid compatibility between Broadcom cards

    I have a working Raid array under an 9271-8i card and am looking to move the discs to another enclosure where I have a Supermicro AOC card. Will the AOC recognize the raid as defined by the 9271 ? Thanks
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    SuperMicro 1U CSE119-TQ-R700UB vs CSE-119-TQ-R700WB

    R700UB: SC119TQ-R700UB | 1U | Chassis | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. R700WB: SC119TQ-R700WB | 1U | Chassis | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. I see that R700UB is meant for X8 motherboards while the R700WB is meant for X9 motherboards. Can anyone tell what the actual...
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    Supermicro 4U Jbod connector

    I am getting this JBOD from Supermicro I noticed in the back it has 4 copper connectors. Do I need to connect all 4 of them to my main chassis ? I am planning on using an LSI HBA to connect but the only one with 4 ports is...
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    LSI 9207-IT 'inverted' firmware

    Does anyone know if there exists a P20 normal firmware for the 9207 that matches physical / slot numbers ? When I flash this version: Port 0 becomes Port 3, Port 3 becomes Port 0 ... etc It's apparently a known issue at LSI, and for the 9211 they...
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    Dell SSDSC2KB038T8 DB69 firmware

    I bought from eBay these "OEM" Intel drives which in fact are Dell drives - SSDSC2KB038T8 - and I can't upgrade them to DL63 using any known method. They appear to be running firmware XCV1DB69 which I couldn't find a reference to anywhere. It must be DELL's but I never saw DB69 before. I tried...
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    Supermicro 847 expander performance setup

    I have two 4U SC847 chassis that I want to connect together for performance configuration. I am using LSI 9217 cards and here's where I am at so far: Chassis 1 ( with motherboard ) can properly connect to Chassis 2 (no motherboard, acts as expander chassis) via the LSI 9217 card and an 8088...