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    Brand New 24U Server Rack $400 (or lower) Shipped

    I was looking for a half height server and found this: AMCO Enclosures Server Rack 24U FX421936S Black Vertical Console 35951 BRAND NEW I contacted the seller and the lowest they can go is $400, down from the $499 listing. That includes freight shipping to anywhere in lower 48 states. Today...
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    Cheap New Dual LGA2011 2U Barebone With 12 Bays

    With the very affordable Xeon E5 2670 CPUs, I think almost all new LGA 2011 motherboards are gone by now. I have been watching barebone systems for a while, and found an ebay seller who I bought several times before recently lowered their prices on many of their new dual LGA2011 barebone systems...