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    FS: 22 1.92TB micron 5100 max ssd

    Hi, I have 22 1.92tb micron 5100 max ssd’s, I bought them new, and they have less than 6 months of power on time, and less than 30TB total written. 5100 max drives are built for lots of writes. Looking for $240/EA will offer bulk pricing for 5 or more. Disk info thanks, Mike
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    DDR4 8GB ECC Samsung

    Hi all, I have: 4X 32gb Samsung M392A4K0BM0-CRC-Q modules 2DRx4 PC4-2400T NEW ($125 EA) ---SOLD M392A4K40BM0-CRC | VLP RDIMM | Samsung Module | Semiconductor 4X 8gb DDR4 8GB 1Rx8 pc4-2400T-RG0-10 memory modules. ($30 EA) Let me know if my prices are off. Paypal preferred.
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    HP DL360 G8 Servers and SuperMicro Motherboard/CPU/RAM Combo

    Hi, I have 3 HP DL 360 Servers, they were backup stock, so when I got them a few months ago it was the first time they were turned on. Specs are below, I have Rails and boxes for these. CPU 2X E5-2670 V2 10 Core / 20 thread 2.50GHZ Memory 32GB HP 4 X 8GB 713755-071 Memory Smart Array P420i...
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    SOLD: FS: C6100 96gb ram, L5520 XS23-TY3

    I have a c6100 with all four blades populated with 2x L5520's and 24gb of ram in each. It has all 12 drive caddies 1 psu. I was thinking $700 OBO plus half of shipping. Let me know what interest there is out here. Price drop