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    Supermicro sc836 - bpn-sas-836tq vs bpn-SAS2-836el1 backplanes

    I am trying to decide between purchasing an sc836 barebones chassis, one with the Bpn-sas-836tq backplane and the other with a Bpn-SAS2-836el1 backplane for about the same price. I will be connecting either backplane to a SAS2 HBA and still haven’t decided on SAS or SATA drives so I would like...
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    Dell MD1200 JBOD (zfs) LSI SAS HBA support?

    I am trying to add a JBOD DAS to my dell R620 server which is using ZFS (not hardware raid). I have an HBA flashed to it-mode (LSI 9217E1I1 with 2118 it firmware) which is connected to the internal r620s backplane with the additioan external MiniSAS intended for the JBOD DAS. I am considering...