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    Xeon W-13xx listed.

    Looks like Xeon W-13xx (RocketLake family) were listed on without much fanfare: Products formerly Rocket Lake -- hard to judge if we should expect proper announcement or that's just it.
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    Workstation Xeon W (Ice Lake variant).

    Looks like Intel is preparing also workstation Xeon W-33xx variant of Ice Lake Xeons. Puget Systems does have W-3335 in their benchmark database from yesterday: This is indeed interesting move...
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    Ice Lake - SP boards.

    Looks like Supermicro, ASrock, Gigabyte and others come with a set of quite nice boards for Ice Lake SP. It's interesting that for such -- by analysts envisioned -- short live product such companies invest that much. I also think that both Rocket Lake and Ice Lake SP are just stop gap solutions...
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    Future Xeons: up to 20 cores up to 150W

    Looks like various documents about a new COM-HPC standard are already published and for example Kontron seems to prepare server kind board 160x160mm in the standard and specs. published is: Size D form factor – 160 x 160 mm Nextgen Intel® Xeon® U p to 20 cores, processor TDP up to 120 W...
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    Fanless Xeon-W build.

    Hello, after months of thinking I've decided in Jan/Feb this year (2020) to rebuild my workstation around Xeon W chip. The motivation for this was: - modest multi-threaded needs. - spike single-threaded needs. E.g. as fast as possible ST perf. for short amount of time. - quite high RAM needs...
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    Recommended RAM for Intel Xeon W-22xx

    Hello, for next workstation rebuilt I settled on Xeon W-22xx. Yes, I know all it's security troubles, high price especially in comparison with AMD and limited feature set in comprison with Intel server's chips, but it's settled for possible amount of RAM, high single-thread perf, socket...
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    Availability of Xeon W-22xx.

    Hello, Intel announced Xeon W-22xx family in October 2019 IIRC and officially announced its availability IIRC in November 2019 -- yet, still all the shops in EU which I get from googling for some of those CPUs list CPU for preorder and none does have anything in house. My question is: has...