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  1. TechIsCool

    Enterprise SSD list

    Last time I was looking for Used SSDs on Ebay I just started making a list of basically what I was looking for. (SSD,Solid State Drive) (Intel s,Intel 750,Hynix,SM843T,SV843,MZ7WD,HAGP,MZ7GE,PM863,PM853,SM863,SSDSC2BA,PX03SNF080) -60 -64 -80 -120 -128 -200 -240 -250 -256 -300 -320 -mSATA Thats...
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    How fast do modern SSDs die: Upcoming test

    I figured as much. Are you seeing any high latency on writes to disk. You're already seeing slow throughput but I am curious if you're seeing latency in the seconds per I/O.
  3. TechIsCool

    How fast do modern SSDs die: Upcoming test

    How is garbage collection doing @Patrick? do they seem to be able to keep up while running continuous workloads? I know that was the downfall for my 840 Pros.
  4. TechIsCool

    [Windows] Veeam Backups and Backup Copy

    In Veeam 7 I stored data on ZFS and then shipped it via ZFS Snapshots. I have also used rsync to move Veeam Data around. VBK are Fulls VIB are Incrementals
  5. TechIsCool

    6TB White Label Hard Drives

    I have 3 that are 6.0TB and one that is 6.1TB and so far nothing has failed and I have been using them in my setup since Feb 4, 2016 of this year. I am running ZFS not RAID though.
  6. TechIsCool

    Who uses an Air Conditioner?

    A/C for the super warm days, and Recreation for the semi warm days. But I take advantage of the Cool nights and pump the shop full of cool air at night. It takes until about 4pm to need to A/C to run for a good 4-6 hours and then it self resolves. Still working on the automation to make it just...
  7. TechIsCool

    Ebay Search Terms.

    What are some of your favorite search terms on Ebay. So far mine have been (SSD,Solid State Drive) (Intel s,Intel 750,Hynix,SM843T,SV843,MZ7WD,HAGP,MZ7GE,PM863,PM853,SM863,SSDSC2BA,PX03SNF080) -60 -64 -80 -120 -128 -200 -240 -250 -256 -300 -320 -mSATA and (HMT42GR7AFR4A-PB, HMT42GR7MFR4A-PB...
  8. TechIsCool

    $109.99 - 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

    Newegg via Ebay has the drive that was being talked about on the front page for even cheaper than amazon. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 4TB Portable External Hard Drive with 200GB of Cloud St Limit 5 per customer
  9. TechIsCool

    Intel 800gb S3700

    I won't run anything consumer grade in my servers anymore. Just not worth the headaches
  10. TechIsCool

    Has anyone tried ClearOS?

    Just radius auth no linux SSO? Just curious. I know we use FreeIPA for Authentication and I think you can integrate it into FreeRadius
  11. TechIsCool

    #STHmeetup is Today!

    So how was it everyone? Missed it since I am Washington but still would love to hear about it.
  12. TechIsCool

    18-year-old kid buys a mainframe for his house (From Reddit)

    18-year-old kid buys a mainframe for his house (from HN) • /r/homelab Totally worth the watch if you enjoy people doing crazy things in their homelabs. Enjoy
  13. TechIsCool

    PM863 1.92TB drives

    Awesome 16TB of raw disks for 5k | 32c a GB
  14. TechIsCool

    4x 25$ eBay Gift Card (Email Delivery) $80

    coupon code C20FLASH Link to buy Giftcards just get it to equal 100$ So 1x 75$ and 1x 25$ works as well eBay Gift Card Valentines Day Edition $15 to $200 - Email Delivery Found via
  15. TechIsCool

    Need a silent managed gigabit switch

    Mikrotik 24 ports switch has no fan CRS125-24G-1S
  16. TechIsCool

    4x 960GB Samsung PM853T - $1099 OBO - many avail

    If money was not an objective I would most likely stay just under 4k at 2560 x 1440 @ 27" and go with either the PG279Q or XB271HU but then I would need 3 of them and well they cost $800 per monitor. If money was an objective I most likely would go dell P2715Q in the 27" range. They can be had...
  17. TechIsCool

    4x 960GB Samsung PM853T - $1099 OBO - many avail

    I run 3 1680x1050 in portrait and have been thinking about going 4k. Still not sure but really want more screen space.
  18. TechIsCool

    4x 960GB Samsung PM853T - $1099 OBO - many avail

    I know right I was like where is dba he likes these drives scrolls down. Yup he is still alive and well :)
  19. TechIsCool

    How much bandwidth have you used over the last month at home? Feb 2016 edition

    Aright I now feel like a light weight. What I can say is that RRD graphs are what everyone uses which is impressive.
  20. TechIsCool

    6TB White Label Hard Drives

    So I bought four of these drives and ran badblocks on them. One failed directly out of the box. Writes worked fine but Reads failed constantly. I Contacted GoHardDrives as soon as it failed and they had me ship the drive back and they then shipped me a new one. Shipping was paid both ways. The...