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  1. Monoman

    FS - 20x Intel S3700 200gb

    Hey STH, I have 20 Intel S3700 200gb drives, all are 99% life or better (can generate ssd toolbox report upon request) Prices include USPS Priority shipping/insurance I'm looking for $50 each 10x for $450 20x for $800 Pictures coming shortly. Need to remove a few from a server for pictures
  2. Monoman

    FS: (PRICE DROP) 5x Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 tiny, i3-4130T 4gb ddr3

    Hello STH (PRICE DROP) Currently selling 5x Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 tiny - i3-4130T - 4gb ddr3 1600 - HDD tray (no rubber grummets) - Intel wifi cards removed (but included if you want) (no external antenna, but is wired internally) - NO SSD/HDD (but will include a 40gb or 100gb Intel Enterprise...
  3. Monoman

    SOLD [FS] 2x DFI DT122-BE (AMD RX-427BB) and 1x BE171-77EN-427B (12v) Industrial Mini Desktops

    I have two used DFI DT122-BE (AMD RX-427BB) boxes for sale. Both boxes have only been lightly used and are in good cosmetic conditions. Specs: Quad core AMD RX-427BB APU SoC (4MB Cache, 2.7 GHz base, 3.6 GHz boost) Integrated GPU with 4 Display ports (resolution up to 3840x2160 @ 30Hz) Dual...
  4. Monoman

    WTB 1x Intel S3700 100GB drive

    Hey, Looking for 1x Intel S3700 100GB drive. Checking here before I go to ebay. Thanks!
  5. Monoman

    FS: Dual E5-2670 | 128GB DDR3-1600 | Intel Hot-swap Chassis: LOADED!

    Hello, I bought this from @SamDabbers and it's worked like a champ. VERY QUIET!!! I've added a few things to make it better for my use, please see the list below. Intel P4000M Chassis (8) 3.5" Hot-swap drive carriers (included 2.5" adapters!) (2) 750W Redundant-capable power supply...
  6. Monoman

    WTB: UniFi 48 port switch

    Hey, Show me what you got! Thanks, Mitch
  7. Monoman

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Wishing everyone here at STH a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  8. Monoman

    3x Sun Oracle Flash Accelerator F40 400GB PCIe SSD

    Gents, I have 3 cards, all have minimal wear, just lots of power on hours. Will include 1/2 height and full height brackets. drive status listed below. Looking for $100 shipped each. Going to use who posts first in this thread over PM, so please post then PM. Thanks
  9. Monoman

    Is STH Forums slow for anyone else?

    I mean, noticeably slower than the normal.
  10. Monoman

    1x 1080ti vs 3-4x 1060s regardless of power

    Hi, I'm interested in dabbling in some DL/ML/AI stuff with nvidia and was wondering if anyone had any insight on my question referenced above? Just speaking in general terms, which would be faster for DL tasks, a single 1080ti or 3-4 1060's? Power is not a concern in this build. Thanks
  11. Monoman

    EU FS: 2x 1U Supermicro Server X9SRW-F Xeon E5-2650 64GB

    Hi, Location is in Germany/Belgium/Netherlands. I have two of these available. Server Chassis/Case SYS-5017R-WRF Motherboard X9SRW-F Backplane BPN-SAS-815TQ 4-port TQ backplane Processor 1x Intel Xeon E5-2650 Memory 64GB DDR3 8 x 8GB - DDR3 - REG PC3 Power Supply 2x 500Watt...
  12. Monoman

    Docker now Mobi?

    Hey STH family. Anyone seen this yet? The Problem with Docker - no wait, Moby... *note my site, just a random link* Moby moby/ at moby · moby/moby · GitHub
  13. Monoman

    FS: 2x qlogic QLE7340 40Gb Infiniband with 2m mellanox QSFP+ DAC

    Hi, These cards appear to be locked to Dell (seeing as they do not show up in any of my SM servers and google seems to only list dell support and drivers) so I have to sell them as is. I do not have a Dell to test them in or I would keep these. I tested these in my 8x and 16x slots with the...
  14. Monoman

    Sun 18GB SSD Logzilla Drive

    Good deal compared to the Zeus 8GB drive, not sure if it's in the same league or not. If this is junk, please delete :D Sun Oracle 540-7754 18GB Solid State Drive for ZFS Servers XTA7410-LOGZ18GB | eBay
  15. Monoman

    UniFi Application Server Pro $999

    UniFi Application Server Pro Not much to say... SPECS!! FRONT!! BACK!!
  16. Monoman

    FS: Intel Xeon E5 2650L V2 QS

    Hey guys, Works fine, went with 2650 v1 due to MB compatibility. Brand Intel MPN E5 2650L V2 QS Clock Speed 1.7Ghz Processor Type Intel Xeon E5 2650L V2 QS Threads 20 Technology 22nm TDP 70W Stepping 4 Number of Cores 10 Cores Code Name Ivy Bridge-EP/EX Cache 25MB $60 shipped. Feedback...
  17. Monoman

    WTB: 4 x 4gb DDR3 UDIMM

    hit me up if you have some for sale. Cheaper the better, will have 4 x 2gb udimm if you want a smaller amount in return for some reason ;)
  18. Monoman

    WTB: UniFi US-16-XG

    Hi, Looking to pick one of these up. I'm sure some of you all got in on the beta and would like to sell :) Please message me. Thanks!