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  1. vrod

    EU HP DL360P G8 (10gbps FLR Adapter)

    Came across this and I believe that is actually not a bad deal? HP DL360p Gen8 / 8 x SFF, 2 x E5-2620, 16 GB, 530LFR, P420i-1GB, ILO4 Advanced | eBay Would buy them all if I had the use but (unfortunately :D) I do not.
  2. vrod

    Quad 10GbE for Dell R720xd

    Hi all, I recently acquired a R720xd and are looking to get a 10G NIC card for it, more specifically a “daughter card” as Dell calls them. Found 2 cards: - Broadcom 57800S, MT09V, 2x 10GbE, 2x 1GbE - Intel X710 DA/SFP+, 68M95, 4x 10GbE Obviously the quad port card looks the most appealing...
  3. vrod

    EU FS: Xeon E5-2620 v4 (HPE) and E5-2650L v2

    Hi all, Got following items for sale: 3x Xeon E5-2620V4 - Pulled from my DL360 Gen9s after 1 year of service because of CPU upgrade (needed better single thread perf). Asking 250€ + shipping per CPU. They are with the HPE Smart Socket 2x Xeon E5-2650L - Pulled from my Dl380p Plex server, also...
  4. vrod

    EU Intel S4510 480GB (Dell EMC Branded) SSDs

    Hi all, Bought these for a ZFS project but I went onto NVMe instead... Now I have these drives I need to get rid of. I have 8 drives and am asking for 99€ per drive... They are currently in HP Gen8/9 caddies. Drives work great, I haven't had any issues at all with them... According to...
  5. vrod

    Looking for some switch advice on 1/10gb switches with FE support

    Hi all, I currently have a Quanta LB6M running my network at my colo. I am using the 10GB ports for storage and normal network traffic. I am looking into getting a couple of new switches which is stackable and eventually could support Fast Ethernet connections as I have a few management...
  6. vrod

    Proxmox Ceph hardware question

    Hi all, I am looking to start a hosting firm and was finding Proxmox Ceph as an interesting platform for it. I am planning to utilize my Dell C6220 box for it. However I do have some questions in regards to the hardware. The boxes has this hardware: 2x E5-2680 256GB 800mhz ddr3 ecc (quad rank)...
  7. vrod

    ConnectX crash on freenas 11.1

    Hi folks, Just got 4 ConnectX dual 10gb sfp+ adapters and wanted to start building my new freenas box. Installation went fine, however I am getting kernel panics as soon as the dhclient tries to touch any of the adapters. having the mgmt 1gb configured, I re-inserted the adapters and the system...
  8. vrod

    Arista 7050S - 100mbit through rj45-sfp?

    Hi all, As the question states, does anyone have experiences with connecting 100mbit equipment to the Arista DCS-7050S through a RJ45-SFP? I am looking to aquire one of these since the lack of 100Mbps on the LB6M is a smaller problem for me. I have seen that has transceivers which will...
  9. vrod

    EU [FS] P3700 1.6 + 2.0tb 2.5" (Fujitsu OEM)

    I have these 2 beauties not really being used anymore. I used them for a few months for my lab environment but are now switching over to a zfs disk array for those things. I have 2 P3700's: a 2 TB and a 1.6TB. They each have about 2PB writes but they eaech have 43.8 and 62 PB endurance...
  10. vrod

    New storage box for mixed workload

    Hi all, I was lucky and got my hands on a 4U supermicro case with 36 bays. Gonna pop a s2600cp in that case with a couple of e5 v2 cpu’s to make a new storage box. I have been wondering how to setup it up, been using both freenas and ubuntu to serve nfs and iscsi for some time to my current...
  11. vrod

    Ubuntu 16.04 (Dell C6220) not playing together with Quanta LB6M..

    Hi guys, I'm trying to set up the networking on a ubuntu server, running off a dell c6220. On the c6220, there are 2x 10gb intel cards, both ports connected to port 7 and 8 in my quanta lb6m switch. For whatever reason, only the second interface, plugged into port 8 can manage to get network...
  12. vrod

    EU FS: HP ProLiant ML350 G6 E5620 12GB

    Hey guys, Have this one laying around... The specs are as following: - HP ML350 G6 Tower - Intel Xeon E5620 2,4Ghz quadcore 4/8 - 12GB DDR3 ECC Memory, more can be added if you wish - 3x 450GB 10K SAS drives, with a HP P410i RAID controller - 2 x 1Gbps onboard NICS - ILO2 licensed for oob...
  13. vrod

    EU FS: Intel DC P3600 1.6TB 2.5” *NEW*

    Bought this lovely drive to be my primary ZFS storage device for my VMware hosts, however I stumbled upon a couple of super cheap P3700 so I have been using them. Therefore this drive has been collecting dust. It’s sealed and unused, still 4,5 years of intel guarantee left on it. Throw in your...
  14. vrod

    EU Dell C6220 Barebone node 138€

    I needed to buy a fourth node for my C6220 so i asked the seller of my C6220 chassis if they had barebone nodes as well. They had and just for 138€. It includes a riser and a dual intel 10Gbe SFP+ card too. Pretty fine deal but just one available since I bought the other... :D Dell PowerEdge...
  15. vrod

    EU Xeon E5-2660v2 - 195€

    Was just searching for a companion for my other 2660v2 and stumbled across this offer... def. lower price than what I have seen elsewhere so I bought one. :) Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 = 10Core 2.20GHz 3,00GHz FCLGA2011v2 Processor CPU Core i7 5032037054256 | eBay Currently 23 available
  16. vrod

    Intel 750 raidZ in ZFS

    Does anyone have stats from raid'ing 4-6 of these? I got a nice opportunity to supply my 2 current 750's with 3 more for cheap. Planning to use these with ZFS, anything I should be aware of?
  17. vrod

    Linux bridges with tagging/untagging of VLAN's

    Hi all, I already posted this one in the linux section but I think it was the wrong place to go. However, my situation is fairly simple... I am trying to setup 2 bridges for a small server infrastructure i will deploy. One, which will contain the "WAN" port and output it on tagged VLAN...
  18. vrod

    Linux bridge - Access and Trunk ports?

    Greetings everyone, I am getting some rackspace of 5U and would like to use it as good as possible. Therefore I have created a linux bridge through a ubuntu VM which has 2x dual 10gb cards and 2x 1gbps adapters running in passthrough mode. The bridge also has a single VMXNET3 adapter which...
  19. vrod

    Need some advice/opinions on "broken" hard drives i've sold

    Hi all, This is a rather special question and i'll try to keep the story short. For some time i've been selling out of old stuff that was decommed from my working place (they didn't mind). I got in contact with a guy from a huge global reselling company and we've been doing many succesfull...
  20. vrod

    (Solved) In house cabling dropping

    Hello everybody, I recently moved to a new place and of course one of my wishes was to have cabled connections from the cellar to all rooms, as I don't trust wireless (also because I'd like to run 10g in near future). I pulled a cable, max 30 meter from my cave (mancave) to the cellar but I am...