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  1. cheezehead

    SFP+ write codes

    Does anyone have any lists of 4-byte hex write codes for optic reprogramming? For some generic no-names out of china i've found the two following work with some suppliers. 00 00 00 00 12 34 56 78 While some 3rd party suppliers off up their own SFP programmers, I've been stuck a few times now...
  2. cheezehead

    Supermicro 2011R3 10GB onboard - $144

    X10DRD-LTP-B-TW008 SUPERMICRO DUAL R3 LGA 2011 SYSTEM BOARD MOTHERBOARD | eBay Cheapest Supermicro 2011 R3 board on ebay currently. Looks like a cloud-hosted special with what looks like a single SFP+ port onboard.
  3. cheezehead

    Fall cleanout

    CPU's 12x Xeon E5-2620 V3 (retail SR207 stepping - E5-2620 v3.html) - $35/each (sold) 1x E5-2648L (retail SR0LX stepping- E5-2648L.html) - $10 Cpu/Mobo combos Supermicro X8DTH-IF (with I/O Shield)...
  4. cheezehead

    X10SRi-F $160 + shipping

    Supermicro X10SRi-F LGA 2011 Motherboard for Intel Xeon E5-2600/1600 5018R-M | eBay $159.50/each, discounts available when purchasing more than one. Supposedly comes with the I/O shield as well per the contact seller info.
  5. cheezehead

    Aruba MAS series - Round 2

    Aruba Networks S3500-48P-US PoE 48-Port Gigabit Mobility Switch w/ 2 x PSU | eBay S3500-48P with Dual PSU's and the 10GB card $74.99 shipped New Aruba S3500-24T Mobility Access Switch S3500-24T | eBay S3500-24T with single PSU and NO 10GB module $45.95 shipped Aruba Networks S3500-4x10G...
  6. cheezehead

    Kingston A400 120GB SATA $17.99 shipped Kingston A400 SSD 120GB SATA 3 2.5” Solid State Drive SA400S37/120G Cheap boot drive anyone?
  7. cheezehead

    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Looks like pricing has dropped a bit on some older Aruba MAS series switches on eBay. S2500-48T (4x SFP+, 48x 1GB) - $99 shipped New Aruba S2500-48T-4x10G 48-Port 10/100/1000...
  8. cheezehead

    10GB+ ethernet workstation heat

    For those running server 10/40GB Ethernet adapters in their desktop/workstation setups designed for low airflow, how did you choose to cool these cards designed for high airflow cases? PCI slot coolers? oversized heatsinks? Re-purposed CPU coolers? water cooling?
  9. cheezehead

    Rosewill PCIe adapter - Free AR

    Mining Card, Riser Card, PCIe (PCI Express) 16x to 1x Riser Adapter, USB 3.0 Extension Cable 60cm, 6 pin PCI-E to SATA Power Cable, GPU Riser Adapter, Ethereum Mining Riser Card - $11 with $11 rebate gift card
  10. cheezehead

    Wiwynn Open Compute LGA 2011/2011-3 barebones

    1.5U 2-node dual LGA2011 barebones setup ~ $290 shipped 1U dual LGA2011-3 barebones setup ~ $210 shipped...
  11. cheezehead

    WTB: Supermicro 826 or 836 chassis

    Looking for a CSE-836/826 chassis with sleds and psu's. PM me specs/price if you are looking to clear out one;)
  12. cheezehead

    L5640's for $14.45/each

    Intel Xeon L5640 2.26GHz 12MB 5.86 GTs LGA1366 Hex Core CPU ___ SLBV8 For anyone still running 5500/5600 builds retail L5640's shipped out of Texas.
  13. cheezehead

    1 Petabyte FreeNAS build

    Obviously not a home build;) This is a 1 PB usable FreeNAS build for an archival tier for scientific images all in a Raid-10 configuration with dual 10GB for connectivity. Net cost was around 100k USD. Original Story:
  14. cheezehead

    Dell USB-C to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB 3.0 dock - $4.99 shipped

    470-abqn 4-in-1 Type C Adapter Usb C To Hdmi/vga/ethernet/usb 3.0 (rnhdn) | eBay Not sure if these will ship or not yet but if you have a MBP, Yoga, or other ultrabook and need some useful port options the price is good.
  15. cheezehead

    pfSense 2.5 - Hardware Requirements

    Long-term planning for anyone pfSense 2.5 will require a CPU with AES-NI on-chip. pfSense 2.5 and AES-NI Also, in the near-term, pfSense 2.4 will be 64-bit only.
  16. cheezehead

    Amazon Gold Box of Storage

    Today's Deals: New Deals. Every Day. Drobo 5D - $474.99 Drobo 5N - $349.99 Qnap TS251A - $249.99 1TB Firecuda 2.5" - $55.99 Be for warned, the Toshiba drive for sale while internally is a 2.5" is not a standard drive and cannot be shucked().
  17. cheezehead

    Plex Pass discounts

    Lifetime discounted to $119.99, Yearly discounted to $39.99
  18. cheezehead

    Home firewall poll

    With some of the recent talks/posts, curious as to what everyone is running for their home firewall? Poll is open for the next month. You can choose up to two in the event your homelab is different from your main home firewall.
  19. cheezehead

    E3-1200 v6 Kaby Lake details leaked

    Kaby Lake E3-1200 v6 Xeon Specifications Leaked Basic highlights vs Skylake E3 sku's. - Slightly higher clocked - Slightly lower TDP - Optane Memory support - IGP models support H.265 encoding/decoding
  20. cheezehead

    60-Bay x 2.5" E5-2660 Monster - $944 shipped

    Post title is wrong, it's 3.5" Coraid / Newisys 4U 60 Bay SAN NAS 10Gb Ethernet E5-2660 16GB RAM SSD 60x Trays | eBay 4U Penguin Computing (IceBreaker 4860) chassis. 60x 3.5" howswap bays...vertical drop in Single E5-2660 16GB Ram 1x dual-port 10GB card 2x 1GB ports 128GB SSD (OS booting)...