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  1. Jeff Robertson

    FS: RTX 3070

    I have a Dell OEM RTX 3070 for sale. Don't know how to tell if it's LHR or non-LHR (eBay listings show non-LHR). I pulled it out of Dell and tested it, played Riftbreaker at about 120fps (WQHD+) with no issue and wasn't making any noticeable noise. This model seems to be going for $1200 to...
  2. Jeff Robertson

    FS: EVGA Geforce GTX 1080 SC

    I have the superclocked version of EVGAs GTX 1080 8GB for sale. It is in perfect working order and comes in the original box. EVGA shipped me the backplate mod kit right after I bought it so there have been no overheating issues. Price is firm @ $260 + shipping to the conus.
  3. Jeff Robertson

    SOLD: Crucial 32GB DDR4 RDIMMs

    *SOLD* I have 8 2400Mhz DDR4 RDIMMs for sale. Worked flawlessly in an x10 and an Epyc Rome system, no memory errors reported. Asking $75 each plus shipping (conus), buy 7 get the 8th free.
  4. Jeff Robertson

    Delete me

    Delete, created by accident
  5. Jeff Robertson

    *SOLD* Asus gaming laptop, GTX 1070, 120Hz G-sync display, 16GB RAM, Win10 Pro

    *SOLD* I have an Asus gaming laptop for sale that I no longer need, my 3 month old daughter has taken its place... It was only used during the holidays and is in like new condition. Comes with the original box/charger. It has been upgraded a bit from stock. Asus GL502V Specs: Intel i7-7700HQ...
  6. Jeff Robertson

    FS: HP 32GB RDIMMs 2933Mhz

    I have a couple of 32GB 2933Mhz RDIMMs pulled from an HP server, they are HP branded "smart memory." They are new, I've run them through a few thousand percent on memtest pro to make sure they are working properly. Asking $300 for the pair shipped to the conus. Pics:
  7. Jeff Robertson

    Deployed my Epyc 7402p! And it's idling at 250W...

    This Epyc build is fighting me at every corner. Fixed the LSI issue, fixed the boot loop. Everything is running fast and smooth now. It's also idling at between 225-250 watts! It's a pretty simple setup: Supermicro H11SSL-NC motherboard 7402p CPU 4x 2933Mhz HP ram modules 4x Hitachi 800GB...
  8. Jeff Robertson

    Hyper-V is killing my Epyc Rome system!

    This is a fun one. I am attempting to run 2019 Hyper-v on a Supermicro H11 board with a 7402p CPU and am having no luck. After installing the hyper-v role the machine starts to boot loop. It looks like this is a fairly common issue as MS released a patch for the same behavior but I haven't...
  9. Jeff Robertson

    Can't get drives to show on LSI3008 controller on SM Epyc board

    Hi folks, there is probably a very simple fix that I am unaware of but I can't get my new H11 Supermicro Epyc board with 7402p CPU to work with any SAS drives. This is what I've done so far: Plugged in a single Hitachi 12Gbps SSD to the built in LSI 3008 SAS controller. No go, the bios shows...
  10. Jeff Robertson

    HP DL325, Epyc 24 core 7402p, 64GB, SAS $1611

    Well this may be a fantastic deal if it pans out. Provantage has an HP DL325 1U server on sale with proc/ram/sas and a 3 year warranty for $1611. That's only slightly more than the cost of the 7402p processor. I've ordered in case there is a time limit. Look it over and tell me if I'm...
  11. Jeff Robertson

    Thoughts on Asrock rack vs Supermicro

    I may be building a socket 1151 Xeon e-2288g system here soon and was wondering what people thought of the asrock boards? I've been using SM exclusively and like them but it might be time to branch out. Any experience with their reliability and IPMI would be nice to hear about.
  12. Jeff Robertson

    SOLD: 128GB (4x32) Samsung 2666Mhz ECC RDIMMs

    SOLD I have a set of 4 ECC DIMMs for sale, free shipping. They are Samsung 2666Mhz ECC RDIMMs and were pulled from an E5 V4 server. Asking $350 with free shipping for the lot. Pics:
  13. Jeff Robertson

    SOLD: Dell Perc H710 SAS 512MB RAID controllers (PCIe not mini)

    SOLD I have a pair of Dell Perc H710 SAS raid controllers with 512MB cache and battery for sale. They were pulled from running Dell servers then upgraded to the latest firmware. Asking SOLD, free shipping to the conus. Controllers come with full height brackets. Specs shamelessly pulled...
  14. Jeff Robertson

    SOLD: NVMe and SATA SSDs

    All sold For sale, 8x SSDs recently pulled from working servers. SOLD 400GB Intel P3700 enterprise U.2 NVMe SSDs, asking $80/each SOLD 1.92TB Toshiba HK4 enterprise SATA SSDs (full PLP, 3.5PB write endurance), asking $175/each The Toshiba's all have between 7500-9000 hours and under 10TB...
  15. Jeff Robertson

    New server storage recommendations.

    I'm in the process of building two new servers and wanted some thoughts on getting the speediest storage I can. I already have quite a few SSDs but I'm not opposed to selling and purchasing more appropriate drives. Both servers will be used as VM hosts running 2019 as the hypervisor. I will...
  16. Jeff Robertson

    SOLD: 2x SM X10SRH-CLN4F-O Xeon E5 V3/4 boards with IPMI license

    Hi, I have a pair of ATX Supermicro X10SRH-CLN4F-O boards. This setup has been running in a cluster and has had zero issues, both machines have been rock solid, only going down for patching. The LSI 3008 chips have had a 60mm fan pointed at them since new to keep them cool. SOLD 1x Xeon...
  17. Jeff Robertson

    E5-2699 V4 value

    Hi, I've got a couple of E5-2699 V4 QS (stepping 1) CPUs for sale on ebay, I've been offered $750, I was thinking of counter offering @ $850. Any thoughts? I'm having a hard time determining their value as the ebay listings are all over the place. Thanks!
  18. Jeff Robertson

    Options for NVMe raid on Windows.

    Hi, I am going to purchase a new EPYC 7002 system as soon as SM releases their new boards. The system will be running a pair of SATA SSDs in raid 1 on a sas controller as the boot drive. I would like to run VMs off of NVMe drives but don't like the idea of using single drives in case of a...
  19. Jeff Robertson

    EU FS: Xbox live 12 month subscription, EU only

    I have a 12 month code that I do not need as I live in the US. It was sent to me on accident so the price is a whopping $0. If you live in the EU and would like a free 12 month code be the first to PM me! No expressed or implied warranty.
  20. Jeff Robertson

    FS: Batch of Samsung PM863 SSDs

    Hi, I've got a batch of 8 480GB Samsung PM863 SSDs I no longer need. They were used in an HCI cluster and never skipped a beat. I used samsung's magician tool to check each drive and the remaining life is between 95-98% (drives are labeled). These things will last forever even if you beat on...