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  1. Pri

    Suggestion for Reviews

    I really do enjoy the reviews here at STH but if there's one thing I'd really like is a table at the start of a review or mid-way on the first page of a review that lists all the specifications of the product. Take this review for example...
  2. Pri

    Ultimate pfSense OpenVPN Guide

    Hello everyone. A few years ago I wrote on here that I built a pfSense router and since then I've been learning more about it and trying to come up with more advanced usage scenarios for it. And combined with that due to all the anti-privacy legislation being passed around the world including in...
  3. Pri

    How do we change our forum Signature?

    I've looked all around the site, I can't seem to find the option, was it removed when the site was upgraded? If anyone has a link to it, please reply for me as I must be blind.
  4. Pri

    PFSense to build switches with 10GbE

    News from the /r/pfsense subreddit, gonzopancho (aka Jim Thompson who works on PFSense and for Electric Sheep Fencing the limited liability company that maintains PFSense) has announced that they will be building 10GbE switches in the future with a blog post to follow with more information...
  5. Pri

    How to guide: Detecting whether ECC is enabled from inside Windows!

    As I'm sure quite a few of you are aware there are a few different ways to tell if ECC is working. Those ways include from your Motherboard BIOS, Memtest86, ESXi and various Linux distros. But sometimes one or more of those ways won't be able to detect or report your ECC status. For example my...
  6. Pri

    What excites you about servers and the future of server technology?

    I thought this would be an interesting discussion as we are all enthusiasts here for server stuff. For me I'm most excited about virtualization. I like how hardware is becoming more of a commodity like RAM sticks and things are being defined in software. Routers, Switches, Disk Controllers...
  7. Pri

    Asrock offering DDR3 support on their Haswell-E/EP boards

    As the front page story explains: Asrock is offering DDR3 support on some of their new motherboards. This is incredibly strange considering everyone else is doing DDR4 and I assume this is against Intel's...
  8. Pri

    GlassWire, Network Monitor & Firewall Tool

    Yesterday a friend of mine brought my attention to this post on Hacker News about a new piece of software for Windows called GlassWire. It monitors your network, graphs usage on a per-app basis and alerts you to suspicious activity. It was developed by a guy who found himself hacked and then...
  9. Pri

    My new Home Server Build [Build Log with Photos]

    It seems every other year I do a major build and in the interims I do upgrades. This year was a major change for me as it's the first time I'm using a rack chassis at home. Prior to this I used a Lian Li PC-343B case with six x 5.25" to 3.5" backplanes. Whilst that build was functional it was...
  10. Pri

    Article comparing manufacturers IPMI's ?

    Personally I'd be very interested in a comparison between the major manufacturer IPMI implementations. Some have custom solutions, some are using American Megatrends stuff but customised. With the recent IPMI security issues I'd like to see an article which not just focuses on the feature...
  11. Pri

    2012 R2's ReFS, what are your experiences?

    I've been doing some reading on ReFS the next generation file system Microsoft has written for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. ReFS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And on the surface the spec list is quite interesting to me. Specifically its protection against bit rot. So I'm curious have...
  12. Pri

    Core i7 3930K compatibility with RDIMM?

    Before I begin, I want to first state I know that the Core i7 3930K does not support ECC. My intention in using ECC RDIMM's is I have a dual socket workstation motherboard which can be used with only a single socket occupied. I intend to use the Core i7 3930K in this motherboard for a temporary...