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    Ebay Search Terms.

    What are some of your favorite search terms on Ebay. So far mine have been (SSD,Solid State Drive) (Intel s,Intel 750,Hynix,SM843T,SV843,MZ7WD,HAGP,MZ7GE,PM863,PM853,SM863,SSDSC2BA,PX03SNF080) -60 -64 -80 -120 -128 -200 -240 -250 -256 -300 -320 -mSATA and (HMT42GR7AFR4A-PB, HMT42GR7MFR4A-PB...
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    $109.99 - 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

    Newegg via Ebay has the drive that was being talked about on the front page for even cheaper than amazon. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 4TB Portable External Hard Drive with 200GB of Cloud St Limit 5 per customer
  3. TechIsCool

    18-year-old kid buys a mainframe for his house (From Reddit)

    18-year-old kid buys a mainframe for his house (from HN) • /r/homelab Totally worth the watch if you enjoy people doing crazy things in their homelabs. Enjoy
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    4x 25$ eBay Gift Card (Email Delivery) $80

    coupon code C20FLASH Link to buy Giftcards just get it to equal 100$ So 1x 75$ and 1x 25$ works as well eBay Gift Card Valentines Day Edition $15 to $200 - Email Delivery Found via
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    100$ Ebay for 95$

    100 eBay Gift Card for only 95 Email delivery in eBay Gift Cards | eBay If you don't see it listed at the top its gone.
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    S3700 - 100GB 64$

    DELL Intel 100GB SATA 2.5" Hot Plug SSD Solid State Drive SSDSC2BA100G3T R0KXM 5 left
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    6 Months of Free Pluralsight provided by Microsoft

    Troy Hunt: Get more awesome Pluralsight content than ever for zero dollars! This is a deal not worth missing.
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    x-post Reddit Free Synergy Basic Lifetime License

    Found this over on reddit. Figured someone here might want it. Synergy Basic Lifetime free license • /r/sysadmin
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    Dell UltraSharp U2414H 23.8" $159.99 after $50MIR

    Really good price on a Dell Ultrasharp. Figured it was worth posting Dell U2414H
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    Interesting things you didn't know you could do with ZFS by Allan Jude

    Cross post from Reddit Slide Deck I think the Coming Soon info is the most interesting I copied them below so you don't have to click through Starts at 48min in the video A lot of new things are coming to ZFS “Soon”™ ● Resumable Send ● Replication Record Checksums ● Receive Prefetch ●...
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    Ebay - 3x Samsung SM843T - 480GB

    Figured since I was not going to take advantage of this someone else might. BO at 120 declined Countered at 137.50 More Specs Samsung MZ7WD480HCGM 00003 SM843TN 480GB SATA 6GB s MLC 2 5" 7 0mm 19nm SSD | eBay
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    170 IBM Rack server - $35 per server

    170 IBM Rack server Not in Vancouver but this should be posted found via reddit. Already has been picked through but worth a call if your local.
  13. TechIsCool

    Graphs on STH

    I have a question about the graphs on the site. I see they are using .gif and I am curious how they are created. Also why are they not in a vector format like svg? I think it would add to the site since almost all mobile users now zoom in on things. Also I run at a 125% so things start to...
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    Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

    I figured I would post this here since most of the time its over 400$. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 w/McAfee Multi-Access at I love my device, I have been using for about a year it works better than any other Scanner I have found.
  15. TechIsCool

    High CPU Usage Napp-IT

    @gea this is a question for you but I thought I would make it public so if someone searches for it they get results. I have a Low power HP Micro server running Napp-IT and I have been watching it recently to figure out where the CPU usage is going. What does do while idle that...
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    /r/zfs (Oracle needs ZFS admins) x/post

    Figured I would post this here since we have a bunch of people that work with zfs day in and day out. Oracle needs ZFS admins : zfs
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    Article: When Solid State Drives are not that solid

    xpost from Server Hardware So This is just a link to a blog article but I think it's all relevent to this discussion and would like to talk with you guys about the topic. When Solid...
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    So I appreciated the cost differences

    So I miss read a message on reddit and thought he was offering to sell used gear and we should ask what the cost would be. I figured why not but he was looking to buy used gear not sell. What's this worth Wednesday : sysadmin Willing to pay less than 1/10th the price of new. Am I to think that...
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    $120.00 5TB Samsung D3 Station USB 3.0 3.5" Desktop External Hard Drive has 5TB Samsung D3 Station USB 3.0 3.5" Desktop External Hard Drive (STSHX-D501TDB) for $119.99. Shipping is free. Original thread on
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    Haystack Sorted Multiple Needles Found - NFS R/W Latency ESXi

    This originally started at this thread. So I have been working on resolving Latency Issues on our ESXi host which is being effected by our ZFS host. This is a weird issues where I think multiple...