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  1. Storm-Chaser

    HP Z840 36C/72T Workstation Build

    This will serve as build log. Will get specs and pictures up tomorrow.
  2. Storm-Chaser

    Z820 Build with Xeon 1680 v2 [overclocking]

    Pictures to follow. This will be an interesting build. Picked up a z820 with the later boot block date for $300, just waiting on that to arrive at the moment and then I can get started. CPU is very cool, and quite rare. It's a Xeon E5-1680v2 and it has an unlocked multiplier. There are obviously...
  3. Storm-Chaser

    Setting up hybrid liquid metal cooling loop for my z820

    Believe it or not, these little guys are capable of cooling a 2687w v2! In fact they are mandatory for that processor, which is a 150W TDP processor. As you can see, its a closed system. But very easy to take the sleeve off and drain, flush and fill with gallium (galinstan) and get right to...
  4. Storm-Chaser

    Dell PowerEdge C4130 - Is it possible to adapt msata 1.8" to sata 2.5"?

    I have a Dell PowerEdge C4130 GPU server I'm in the middle of provisioning for a GPGPU project. I have the new 2600 v3 chips installed and memory upgraded to quad channel 64GB The chassis has minimal room for hard drives since the 4 front mount Tesla K80 GPUs take up a lot of room. The oem 1.8"...
  5. Storm-Chaser

    HexaCore Restoration Project under way (AMD Phenom II 960T)

    So the other day I was randomly going through my old hardware and taking inventory of some of my older CPUs. Just a little later that day my main rig, an HP z820, up and died out of nowhere. Low mileage chassis so I'm not really sure what the deal is with that yet. Wont post or power on at all...
  6. Storm-Chaser

    In Depth Processor Comparison: Ivy Bridge E5-2673 v2 vs E5-2667 v2

    There has been talk in one of the other sub forums: HP z820 Build Thread That the 110 watt TDP OEM E5-2673 v2 CPU will have reduced performance when compared to its retail equivalent, the 130 watt TDP E5-2667 v2 processor, due to having a "lower TDP". Yes, some people are insisting that this...
  7. Storm-Chaser

    Gen10 HPE ProLiant Micro-Server build

    Had this project on the back burner for quite some time, but I've been able to set aside time this week to get this server online and running properly. It will replace an aging NAS with limited storage. In this build I am using four 3TB drives (enterprise level Hitachi drives) in RAID (exact...
  8. Storm-Chaser

    16 Core 32 Thread HP z820 dual socket workstation build/performance upgrade

    I recently picked up two HP z820 workstations via eBay for parts only ($125 +150). These are fully functional rigs that shipped with everything but a hard drive, lucky for me. The plan is to maximize system performance across the board. This includes CPU, GPU, SSD and memory upgrades. We are...
  9. Storm-Chaser

    Dell PowerEdge C6145 x2 + Poweredge C4130? Good combo?

    So I just pulled the trigger on two Dell PowerEdge C6145 servers. These were so cheap I could not pass them up. It worked out to about $600 with shipping for both of them. Besides, they have my favorite CPU underhood, namely, the AMD Opteron 6180 SE. The reason I say favorite is because I stuck...