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  1. vrod

    What does Media and Data Integrity Errors mean?

    You've had 8 unsafe shutdowns, as far as I remember, those 970 EVO drives get their speed from a cache where all data first gets written to. if the cache was handling data at the time of an unsafe shutdown, it could be that this data was then lost, thereby causing what you see, the Media/Data...
  2. vrod

    EXPIRED UK P4510 2TB U2 new GBP 350 OBO - 260

    Looks like there are several available from hong kong for under 300€. Is this a scam perhaps..?
  3. vrod

    EU 196€ - 8TB 7,2k 3,5" LFF SAS 12G HDD HGST HUH728080AL5200 0F23268 -zero hours- -

    Cheaper here. :) Hitachi HGST He8 8TB HUH728080AL5200 interne Festplatte 3,5 Zoll SAS3, 512e ISE | eBay
  4. vrod

    Speedy NAS, help needed: Want 1.0GB/s

    Then for my case, I will probably use the 900p for SLOG.... Not to run this topic off-track. :) I do still think that P3600 will suffice as a very good SLOG. Especially considering that the backend devices are HDDs and not SSDs
  5. vrod

    Speedy NAS, help needed: Want 1.0GB/s

    I do have a 900p but as far as I know it does not have PLP like the P3600? But I’ve also heard that this isn’t actually needed?
  6. vrod

    Speedy NAS, help needed: Want 1.0GB/s

    Unfortunately DHL decided to mess up my shipment of the rest of S4510’s so doesn’t look like I will get them before next week. I managed to setup a small 3 vdev striped pool with the P3600 as SLOG. Did a quick erase of the drive, achieved about 900MB/s. A dd with bs=1M on the created pool with...
  7. vrod

    EU HP DL360P G8 (10gbps FLR Adapter)

    Came across this and I believe that is actually not a bad deal? HP DL360p Gen8 / 8 x SFF, 2 x E5-2620, 16 GB, 530LFR, P420i-1GB, ILO4 Advanced | eBay Would buy them all if I had the use but (unfortunately :D) I do not.
  8. vrod

    Speedy NAS, help needed: Want 1.0GB/s

    I have used a P3600 with VMware and ZFS. with VMware, moving VMs to such a SSD usually went with like 1,1GB/s. With ZFS I recall having a little over 1GB/s on sequential writes. Of course what's important not to forget is that the pool vdevs also need to be able to handle the load. But it...
  9. vrod

    Intel s2600cp2: Does it support all Ivy Bridge Xeons?

    I would very much think so since it supports the 2667v2 which is basically the 8-core version of the 2637v2. :) Just make sure you are on the latest bios
  10. vrod

    Speedy NAS, help needed: Want 1.0GB/s

    Well in worst-case scenario he will lose the entire pool without having sync on in a power-outage event. If you can, get a SLOG. I can recommend the Intel P3600 series which has a 1GB/s sequential write speed. Since the ZIL writes the data every 5s to the pool, for 1GB/s you would need a ZIL...
  11. vrod

    Quad 10GbE for Dell R720xd

    Hey all, thanks for your inputs! A little late as getting a son takes a bit of your time away.. It doesn’t surprise me that the MT09V works in the R720, wasn’t it designed for that server? ;) I am really considering buying a 68M95, everywhere I look, it seems like the dimensions are almost...
  12. vrod

    DDR3 DDR4 RAM price trends thread.

    Isn’t there already a price cartel investigation running against the biggest manufacturers? Just picked up 16 2133mhz 16gb ddr4 ecc modules for 32€ each, looks like I bought in the right time
  13. vrod

    Quad 10GbE for Dell R720xd

    Nobody with an idea?
  14. vrod

    Dell Perc H310- sas2flash won't see it even with Post

    Issue with the newer sas2flash is also that they only support LSI cards, they will not flash oem branded cards like dell, that’s why you have to do an extra step with the H310.
  15. vrod

    Quad 10GbE for Dell R720xd

    Hi all, I recently acquired a R720xd and are looking to get a 10G NIC card for it, more specifically a “daughter card” as Dell calls them. Found 2 cards: - Broadcom 57800S, MT09V, 2x 10GbE, 2x 1GbE - Intel X710 DA/SFP+, 68M95, 4x 10GbE Obviously the quad port card looks the most appealing...
  16. vrod

    EU FS: Xeon E5-2620 v4 (HPE) and E5-2650L v2

    Hi all, Got following items for sale: 3x Xeon E5-2620V4 - Pulled from my DL360 Gen9s after 1 year of service because of CPU upgrade (needed better single thread perf). Asking 250€ + shipping per CPU. They are with the HPE Smart Socket 2x Xeon E5-2650L - Pulled from my Dl380p Plex server, also...
  17. vrod

    EU Intel S4510 480GB (Dell EMC Branded) SSDs

    Where do you see them going for 100€? Maybe you are confusing it with the 240gb version.
  18. vrod

    EU Intel S4510 480GB (Dell EMC Branded) SSDs

    Hi all, Bought these for a ZFS project but I went onto NVMe instead... Now I have these drives I need to get rid of. I have 8 drives and am asking for 99€ per drive... They are currently in HP Gen8/9 caddies. Drives work great, I haven't had any issues at all with them... According to...
  19. vrod

    SSDs for a file server

    Why not get the S4500 or S4510 series SSD? Nice endurance, performance and price!