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    SUN E450 3d printed inspired build - name TBC

    A little overview, I have a large fileserver (17 drives but needing more) and most NAS cases are expensive or do not hold many drives, I currently have two fractal design XL R2's one with motherboard and some drives in it, the other with additional drives and a HP SAS expander so it functions as...
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    EU 6TB HGST Helium SAS Drives <£79

    Found these whilst snooping around ebay Refurbished HGST 0F18370 6Tb Helium 7200RPM SAS 6Gbs 3.5" Drive, QTY discounts! | eBay Messaged the seller and they have roughly 1600 days powered on so a bit high but going strong as they are well past the common failure date ranges, seller is...
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    EU WTB Noctua U9DO A3 Heatsinks

    Am looking to buy or even swap for some Noctua U9DO A3 Heatsinks, these are the Heatsinks for the G34 platform and that can fit into a 4U server case. I have U12DO's which I dont mind swapping for them (the U9's have a limit of 115 TDP, U12's handle the higher TDP CPU. Would need the items...
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    10gbe copper switch

    Anyone know of a "cheap" in the EU 10gbe copper switch? even if it is only a switch with 2 10gbe copper uplinks. Cheapest I have found is a 8 port netgear thing for £450
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    LSI 9300-8I IT Mode not seeing drives in windows

    I have a 9300-8i in IT mode (P14 firmware/Bios) that just doesnt want to pass drives through to windows (Server 2012 R2) If I boot into Ubuntu the drives appear all okay, the card also knows it is connected to drives obviously as Ubuntu can see them but in windows it knows it has a Storport...
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    "Njord" Fileserver Build/OCD offending

    So kinda historical and ongoing build log for my fileserver called Njord and some horrific OCD scaring pictures This server has been running for the last 4-5 years with drives being added as required or replaced in the event of failure The server is primarily for my plex that I use and so do a...
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    Short SFF-8088 Cables

    Anyone got suggestions where to get "cheap" but short 8088 to 8088 cables in the EU? Dont hugely want to have a 1metre cable to literally go out the back of case, down 2-3 PCI Bracket slots and back to the SAS Expander. I have found a HP 407344-001 cable but that says infiniband despite both...