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    That is like sticking your head in the sand to avoid danger.
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    Back to the drawing board...Router & AP(s) for Home Network

    @Markess Congrats! I too was intimidated by pfSense, but got tired of DD-WRT and OpenWrt (formally LEDE) limitations. My Linksys WRT series routers had outlived their usefulness so I took the plunge with pfSense many years ago. So much easier a to manage, save, migrate, restore...
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    So confused about terminology for Wireless APs (Mesh, Fast Roaming, etc)

    The 357 is essentially the same hardware as the 377 with less antennas and runs the same firmware. I think the 357 uses a different internal Ethernet switch, thus why it’s only 1Gb. I bought and installed a 357 at my parents place. I tested it for a couple of weeks at my place before deploying...
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    So confused about terminology for Wireless APs (Mesh, Fast Roaming, etc)

    1. Wired backhaul it better. Unless the APs have a dedicated backchannel for MESH, your bandwidth will effectively be cut in half. 2. I have two Engenius EWS377APv3, wired backhaul, without a controller, both bands and APs have the same SSID and passphrase. One AP is fixed on one pair of...
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    Ruckus WIFI-6E AP

    This is the difference between v1,v2 and v3 heat sink. If yours looks like the one on the right, you have a v3. It's also on the label FCC ID.
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    Budget Wifi6 APs

    @lowfat @zer0sum The Netgear WAX218 is actually a rebranded EnGenius EWS377AP, but with crippled capability (less SSIDs, no MESH, less concurrent devices, etc.) Read the reviews before you buy the Netgear version. I have two...
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    Wireless AP selection

    Isn't the R710 AC only? The R750 is 4x4 on both bands for a true comparison to the EWS377AP EWS377AP $200 at Amazon R750 $1382 at Provantage I voted with my coin$. $1200 buys a lot of beer. Also, keep in mind that you will likely be replacing your kit in 3 years when WiFi 7 devices hit the...
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    Wireless AP selection

    @JayG30 I have a pair of EWS377APv3 covering 1900 sqft 3 story townhome. One on first floor, other on third floor. Even though the EWS377AP supports MESH, I use a wired backhaul. I set the same SSID on both bands and APs. Just make sure to put each AP on a different channel. Clients...
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    Ruckus WIFI-6E AP

    Amazon has a fairly liberal return policy if it doesn't meet your expectations. Just make sure it ships and is sold by Amazon when you place the order. FYI, the EWS377APv3 intentionally does not support 160Mhz, which you can only use on DFS channels, and dynamically switches or down selects...
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    Ruckus WIFI-6E AP

    I don't own a Ruckus for a comparison, but I pay for 300 symmetric and exceed that sitting on my couch, 20 feet away, through a 2 foot wide truss floor, covered in hardwood over a layer of fire retardant cement. AP is horizontal, facing up, on top of a wire rack on the first floor. Second AP...
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    Fast (immutable) NAS for Backup | Hardware recommendations

    Suggest looking at open source enterprise class NAS software from TrueNAS Open Storage | ZFS for the Home to the Data Center I repurposed 3 QNAP NAS appliances by replacing the QNAP (Apacer) 512MB eUSB DOMs with 16GB eUSB DOMs and installed TrueNAS. TrueNAS has built in support for any number...
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    Back to the drawing board...Router & AP(s) for Home Network

    My kit is the following: 1. Open source enterprise class firewall from on an dedicated appliance from 2. Open source enterprise class NAS software from on 3 Intel based QNAP NAS 3. A pair of enterprise class Engenius...
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    Ruckus WIFI-6E AP

    MSRP $2395 seems a bit steep. What's so special that warrants a 10X price over an Engenius EWS377APv3 WiFi 6 enterprise AP? CDW site shows availability in 4-6 weeks for $1430 Provantage has is listed for $1665...
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    How do I isolate wireless clients from my LAN?

    Or called WiFi IP isolation.
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    TrueNAS Scale - Free (of charge) or commercial product?

    Both CORE and SCALE are open source and run on almost any x86 HW. Enterprise is what you get if you buy an appliance directly from iXsystems and pay for enterprise support.
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    SuperMicro Chassis Drive Trays with Key Lock

    BACKGROUND I have a number of existing SuperMicro systems with 5-bay hot swap backplanes. SuperMicro does not offer drive trays with key locks QUESTION Is there a third party drive tray with key locks that is compatible...
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    Beware and patch Dirty Pipe (CVE-2022-0847) affecting recent linux kernels

    Latest TrueNAS SCALE nightlies are running newer kernel root@NAS-3[~]# uname -a Linux NAS-3 5.10.103+truenas #1 SMP Tue Mar 8 20:31:49 UTC 2022 x86_64 GNU/Linux
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    Facebook login not working

    Facebook <--- open sewer
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    EnGenius ECW230 Review Cloud Managed Wi-Fi 6 AP

    I bought two EWS377APv3 for $200 each, which is basically the same HW, but locally managed. I also bought one EWS357APv3 for $100, for my parents place. Best bang for the $ IMHO
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    WTB Ruckus r710 unleashed access point

    Different league, as in $$$$$$