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    IPv6 rDNS PTR propagation

    Fellow home-lab nerds! I recently got IPv6 on my fiber, and my ISP ( provided a /48 prefix, and registered the PTR zone on the backbone pointing to nameservers in my registered domain. $ dig ns ; <<>> DiG 9.16.22-Debian <<>>...
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    DELL FLEXBAY - Rear Backplane for R720XD: SAS Expander or SAS Direct?

    Hi all, I've ordered a Flexbay / rear backplane chassis for my DELL R720xd (0JDG3). I understand that its intended use and installation is an "extension" of the main SAS expander (mine is a single 12x3.5" LFF). However, I've seen other postings that it is possible to connect the Flexbay to a...
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    SOLVED: A tale of bricked LSI 9266-8i controllers, and the secrets of the 2208 SBR!

    Hi all, thanks in advance for reading. So, zach4485 and I have both managed to brick 9266-8i controllers in attempts to cross flash to HBA. We both lost SBR and SPD backups, and have since been on quests to recover original state (iMR/Megaraid). We've reached out in mails and pm's, and...