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    Question about cables for 9300-8i HBA

    Ive got a 9300-8i and want to be sure im ordering the correct cable. I plan on moving the adapter into a case without a backplane. I currently have 2xsff-8643 to 4x sata breakout cables. I plan on directly connecting 4x HGST SAS3 drives to the HBA. Can anyone recommend a good quality cable...
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    WTB: HDD Enclosure with backplane capable of SAS2 or 3, Minimum 4 bays.

    Hi all I put together a small ITX Chenbro soho case that has a 9300-8i in it. The case has 4 hotswap sas/sata bays. Everything is working fine except for the HEAT! The case is just too small for a SAS3 HBA. These HBA's are designed for server cases with lots of loud airflow, not a jam...
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    Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic XL

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone knows if the backplane for the 4 hot swap bays in this case will support SAS drives. I have a SAS HBA, i just cant find any info on whether or not the backplane supports SATA/SAS or only SATA. Ive got a SAS HBA and 4 SAS drives in a chenbro mini itx...