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    Lenovo Thinkcentre Tiny (Project TinyMiniMicro) Reference Thread

    Anyone here running ESXi on theirs? I'm thinking of replacing a bunch of Raspberry pi's with one of these and leverage my already existing Vsphere platform. It will need to have vt-d though to passthrough USB (reading a smart power meter).
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Literally nothing can explain how I missed that ...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Small question onn the matter of ICX6450 10Gb licensing. It seems that by default ports 2 and 4 are not licensed for 10Gbit. Any way one can get his hands on a license for those 2 additional ports?
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    About to pull the trigger on an ebay Brocade 6450. Any other recommendations for a silent switch with 4 SFP+, 16~ 1Gb RJ45?
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    Hot swapping drives: requirements

    Just tested this with a new disk I planned to add: Hitachi ultrastar 7k3000. The following is seen in dmesg: [9411930.963315] scsi 0:0:12:0: Direct-Access ATA HUA723020ALA640 A870 PQ: 0 ANSI: 5 [9411930.963328] scsi 0:0:12:0: SATA: handle(0x0015), sas_addr(0x5003048000f29dd9), phy(25)...
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    Hot swapping drives: requirements

    I'm currently thinking of adding disks to my NAS at home and I was wondering where the requirements lie for a succesful hot insert/removal of a drive. Is it the drive type, OS, Backplane, ... ? My current setup: - Supermicro 846 with EL1 backplane - IBM M1015 IT mode - Debian stable - SATA3...
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    troubles with flashing the SM X9SCM-F

    Whelp, last try best try. I tried Patrick's ISO and now it does continue the flash. With the new BIOS version the admin password also got removed.
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    troubles with flashing the SM X9SCM-F

    I found that article too but it's about IPMI, not bios. The IPMI password was still default (ADMIN/ADMIN). I've thrown SM an email, but I'm not sure how far they are willing to go for a motherboard that doesn't even have a serial number anymore. Wait and see. Booting from CD/DVD does work...
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    troubles with flashing the SM X9SCM-F

    I've received my ebay'ed X9SCM-F board yesterday, only to find out there is an admin password on the bios and nothing to boot from but PXE. I got it to PXE boot a dos disk to upgrade the BIOS but the flashing tool is now sitting on a blinking cursor for 15mins now: Has anyone else had this...
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    Supermicro 900w psu. Fan change?

    My 846 with 1200W psu's is currently at customs (And they suck in Belgium so might take a while :( ) so i'll be able to tell how silent it really is. The 900W Super Quiet should be quiet as they say. The question is, what is quite. For the ones who can compare, is it as "quiet" as the Seasonic...
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    Quad port gigabit NIC for virtualization

    I just got a second one off ebay for around 100 euro's. Any quad port 1000PT will do normally. My first card is IBM branded, the new one is HP. It has the Intel 82571EB chip on it. The card itself is PCIe x4. According to Vsphere, these cards are apparently 2x dual gigabit or something. When...
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    New project: Mini Cluster in a Box v2

    Damn you Patrick, just when I was hesitant of building mine, you release this article ;).
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    Asrocks new C2750 & C2550 boards (12 SATA ports and IPMI).

    This looks very promising. I'm looking to butcher my Norco 2U case and tuck 2 mITX boards into it as a dense ESX lab. I don't need the huge amount of SATA ports but the onboard NIC's come in handy. Pro's for these boards against an Ivy Bridge mITX setup: - Less power - More NIC's onboard. Saves...
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    IBM M1015 Experiences

    The RPC-2208 has a backplane so its 8087-8087 but thanks for the angled tip ;). The cables do look pretty stiff from pictures.
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    IBM M1015 Experiences

    Anyone here who uses this card in a 2U enclosure by the way? I bought a Norco RPC-2208 but I'm not sure whether i need angled SFF8087 or just the normal ones.
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    IBM M1015 Firmware - What to flash with

    Allright, apparently that guide slipped through the search grid ;). Adapter is flashed now and a pure HBA. Disabling boot and wham, straight into linux. Thanks!!!
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    IBM M1015 Firmware - What to flash with

    I managed to flash the M1015 to the latest 9240-8i firmware but now i cant enther the cards bios and my systems really insists on booting from the card although the onboard sata is primary. So if I get this clear, to flash the M1015 to IT mode, i need the FW and rom from a 9211-8i. I then need...
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    IBM M1015 Firmware - What to flash with

    I just got my M1015 in themail and am now trying to flash it. I booted into an ArchLinux livecd and the card was found automatically when checking lspci However when i want to flash the latest firmware the sas2flash utility comes with the following message That all sounds a bit...
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    Testing Network Speeds

    Mine might not be as accurate as others, but I always test with a 8GB file by just copying it over CIFS/NFS/FTP (whatever you have enabled or want to use). It is a quick and dirty real-life test to check the every day speeds. If you like more details, NASPT and indeed iperf are the way to go.
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    LSI RAID Controller - HBA Equivalency Mapping

    Hi all, I stumbled onto this forum in my search for RAID/HBA controllers for my upcoming nas. Has anyone managed to get the H700 to work on a non-dell system and/or flash it to LSI firmware? I am betting on one at ebay only to find out about the compatibility after i set the autobidder :P...