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  1. jims2321

    Mounting RSC-R2UU-A4E8+ in CSE-836TQ

    trying to mount a RSC-R2UU-A4E8+ riser card in my new CSE-836TQ chassis to provide additional PCI slots for my HBA's, Mellanox FO card and NVME to PCI adapter. But the card doesn't come with a bracket, nor do I see a way to secure it firmly in the slot. Anybody have a thought on how to do it...
  2. jims2321

    Supermicro H8DGU-F in CSE-836TQ case expansion card questions

    So. I am currently in the process of migrating my H8DGU-F from its 1u (4 drive) case to a CSE-836TQ 3u (16 drive) case. Now in the 1u, the single pcie/uio slot I could pop in a riser card to break out 2/3 pcie 8x slots. These were horizontal mounting. But in the new case all it allows is for...
  3. jims2321

    Backhaul options

    Getting ready to relocate my servers and mining rigs across the basement (about 40 ft away). I can't relocate the bulk of my ethernet connections (hardwired to one spot) or my gateway (Gigapower RG). But I have 4 servers (mix of dells, supermicro's and diy) and 4 rigs that will be relocated...
  4. jims2321

    Fit an R620 motherboard in a R710 server chassis.

    they look similar, has anyone ever done it? Any thoughts on doing it? How about 720 motherboard in a 710 chassis.
  5. jims2321

    China to exit the Crypto Currency Mining market

    Caught this headline this morning. China wants an “orderly exit” from bitcoin mining It appears that China is moving to shutdown their mining farms, manufacturers of asic miners and exchanges. Someone did not get their bribe this last quarter ;)
  6. jims2321

    Nicehash hacked

    Looks like it was Nicehash's turn to get hacked and screw over thousands of customers. Apparently they we attacked sometime early this morning. Official press release statement by NiceHash • r/NiceHash
  7. jims2321

    New release of xmr-stak miner

    Patrick, Any chance you can spin a new xmr-stak combo miner docker image? GitHub - fireice-uk/xmr-stak: Unified All-in-one Monero miner Supposedly close to Cast-xmr in performance. Jim
  8. jims2321

    Getting xmr-cpu-stak to generate recommend cpu/thread configuration

    Can't seem to find the thread that explains how to get xmr-cpu-stak to generate the recommended cpu/thread and cpu config values the first time you run it. Any help would be appreciated.