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  1. Tha_14

    Cheap chinese x79 mobos

    If a board has a data capturing chip on it, it wouldn't be to collect credit card info. It would be to simply spy on foreign and domestic governments.
  2. Tha_14

    Watercooling rack.

    My guess is he scrapped that build.
  3. Tha_14

    Question about Dynatron cooler for Xeon E5-1650 v3

    If I were yoy I would gi e the dynatron a chance. If temps are good then I would use that.
  4. Tha_14

    Battery ok, but BIOS wont keep settings X9DRi-LN4F+

    This is indeed very weird. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with your motherboard but hopefully somebody knows what's going on. @TommyL BTW, what bmc/bios revision are you running? On SM there is R 3.48 for BMC and R 3.3 for BIOS
  5. Tha_14

    Do I really need the plastic carrier for a e5-26xx

    On all the threads I read everyone says to just peel it off and that the adhesive is not strong so you can remove the plastic tab easily.
  6. Tha_14

    Battery ok, but BIOS wont keep settings X9DRi-LN4F+

    Far fetched but it could be being changed by software.
  7. Tha_14

    Help with 1-5-5-4 Beep Code Error

    Could be a bunch of things. If you stripped it down to bare minimum and it's still not powering on then reset bios and run it with one stick of ram and leave only one fan connected. There is a slim chance it is a failed fan. Just keep trying, it moght be something you missed.
  8. Tha_14

    Could PowerSupply cause random drives to fail?

    Good luck man. Working as a freelancer can be a real bother when It comes to getting paid sometimes. If you had any connection with the client while you were working for the company it will most probably go smoothly.
  9. Tha_14

    System down - What would you do?

    @OP: Knowing the IP might not be much help if they know what they are doing but make sure to check the teamviewer logs eitger way. Hopefully the guy behind this is not smart.
  10. Tha_14

    Cheap chinese x79 mobos

    Reminder to email them as well.
  11. Tha_14

    Supermicro cse-216 power distro and X9DRi-LN4F+

    I would ask for a picture to verify but you seem to have found valid info so you should be good to. Good luck with the build!
  12. Tha_14

    Supermicro cse-216 power distro and X9DRi-LN4F+

    Try to see if they fit, don't put much pressure. If they fit try to find marks or symbols on the board to make sure polarity is correct. Also, got a multimeter handy?
  13. Tha_14

    Workstation build log: classic with a touch of RGB

    Looks very cool. Good job. Now light that baby up and take some photos :D
  14. Tha_14

    Dell 3-Node AMD DCS6005

    Ahh, Didn't realize it was on the other side of the board. That's bizare. Good luck with your build.
  15. Tha_14

    Dell 3-Node AMD DCS6005

    Could be bad capacitor chemistry. Failed caps can pop from underneath(older electrolitic ones used to fail like that, they didn't pop fro' above as they should). Take a closer look and if you can please post a pic for future references. Cheers
  16. Tha_14

    Now, about this Cobalt Qube 3 of mine...

    @WANg Please include "Donate it to Patrick" as a voting option xD You should repurpose it.
  17. Tha_14

    Supermicro X10SDV: how to get into BIOS?

    Should have checked hehe. Now I look like a dumbass :P
  18. Tha_14

    Supermicro X10SDV: how to get into BIOS?

    Did you also try a PS/2 keyboard just in case? Good luck