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    LSI9211-8i question & NAS configurations

    Good evening Networking gurus :D I'm after advice before the Cyber Monday sales disappear and the lovely savings on HDD's! Currently have 2 NAS devices at home and making decision on new drives to add - 1. Synology 1812+ 8 bay (3TB x6 RAID5 + 2TBx3 JBOD) -> backs up my main NAS weekly...
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    Block Level dedupe on Synology BTRFS VS adding more drives

    Hi, I have a NAS Running Xpenology, Xeon based with BTRFS file system. Synology DSM does not natively implement inline or offline deduplication with BTRFS. I can however run a VM container using docker and install a package to do offline dedupe. My question is, for a server that is majority...
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    DIY Server/NAS wanted but couldn't fit a normal rack :(

    Hi, First post as such. SO much good info here! Build log for my Rack, NAS and my desktop setup here in my blog (just select the topic you want to see at the top): Info there on the NAS, making my rack from parts at Bunnings and 2nd hand rack shelves I'm in Australia...