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    [SOLD][US-CA] 12U XRackPro2 Noise Reduction Rack

    SOLD Product details link (look at the 12U enclosure, not the 12U studio enclosure)
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    FS: Supermicro 6028TR-DTR x10 2 Node Servers

    I have one Supermicro 6028TR-DTR servers I'm looking to get rid of. Everyone should be pretty familiar with the format as it's the same as the popular 2 node x9 servers from a few years back, but refreshed for v3/4 Xeons and DDR4. Supermicro page linked below, but a short highlight list per...
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    FS: 16 GB DDR3 RDIMMS, E5-2650 V2s

    Clearing out my office as I get free time so here is another batch of items I'm no longer using. Prices listed are shipped in CONUS. Outside of that feel free to ask about shipping. Shipping from 90068 and payment with Paypal. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Memory: 8 x...
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    FS: 3 x X11SPH-nCTF, Xeon Scalable CPUs

    Clearing out after a recent review of my equipment. This will likely be the first batch of a few. Everything is in good working order and will be tested again prior to shipping out. I've sold a number of things on the forums here so if you have any questions just ask. Payment: Paypal if...
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    DEAD - Los Angeles Local - Netshelter CX Mini - $100

    APC NetShelter CX Mini soundproofed Server Room in a Box Enclosure While not for everyone, these racks provide great sound reduction and at $100 this is a steal. It looks like it also includes the rail kit which is not standard in the 12U. Just make sure the maximum mounting depth (700mm I...
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    SOLD - Samsung and Hynix 16GB DDR3-1333 RDIMMs

    SOLD: HYNIX HMT42GR7AFR4A-H9 16GB PC3L-10600R DDR3-1333 Sasmung M393B2G70BH0-YH9Q8 16GB PC3L-10600R DDR3-1333
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    SOLD - Netgear XS716T 10GBASE- T switch

    When I moved most of my servers to colocation I replaced this with a switch with 40gb connectivity. This was great in my office as in my opinion it's a very quiet switch and made less noise the the servers. It's rated at under 30dBA by Netgear. Everything is in good working condition and I'll...
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    eBay 15% Off Today Only CODE: POPUPSAVINGS

    Doesn't appear to be targeted as all my accounts can use it even though only one got the email. Use the code POPUPSAVINGS by 6PM PT today.
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    X10SRW-F - $90 shipped

    Supermicro X10SRW-F LGA2011 Intel C612 DDR4 SATA3 & USB3.0 Motherboard | eBay 4 left when I posted this. I just bought two. The WIO format isn't for everyone, but I've always found it to be useful. If DDR4 prices keep trending down having one or two of these on hand could be nice.
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    FS: Ubiquiti USG, X9DRH-iTF, X10SLL-F

    I've sold a number of things on the forums here and can show a good history so if you have any questions just ask. Payment: Paypal if shipping. Cash if local pickup. Shipping: USPS or UPS. Shipping listed is to CONUS. I may ship internationally, but it's a case by case decision and my...
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    FS: 1.6TB U.2 P3605 NVME Drives, X10SLL-F

    My list of things sitting around is slowly shrinking. If you have any questions, want specifics pictures, etc. just ask me. Payment: Paypal if shipping. Cash if local pickup. Shipping: USPS or UPS. Shipping listed is to CONUS. I might ship internationally, but it's a case by case decision and...
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    FS: Lab Clearout (Motherboards, CPUs, FusionIO, etc.)

    Doing another round of clearance post lab refresh. As always feel free to ask questions in the thread or via PM. Payment: Paypal if shipping. Cash if local pickup. Shipping: USPS or UPS. Free shipping where mentioned is to CONUS. Local Pickup: Los Angeles (90038). I work from home so my...
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    (CA-90038) FS: Supermicro Chassis/Barebones, APC UPS

    Sold Supermicro SC745BTQ-R1K28B-SQ US-48-500w US-16-XG APC AP9630
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    FS: SAS Expander, UVP-Pro, SC836, i5-6660 & MB

    Like everyone else I’m doing some early 2018 cleaning. I’ve bought/sold a bunch on here without issues, but if there’s something I can do to make you more comfortable let me know. My general terms - Unless otherwise stated everything includes shipping from Los Angeles (90017)to CONUS via USPS...
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    *SOLD* Destiny 2 Key

    Not the usual type of thing I post, but I picked up a new GTX 1080 over the holidays and it came with this key I have no use for so I figured I'd see if anyone here was interested. The tricky thing about these keys is that they require you to have a 1080 or 1080 Ti to activate them. Looking for...
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    Everything below includes shipping to CONUS. I'm willing to ship international or to forwarders. I've bought and sold a lot on here so if you need references let me know. I'm in Downtown LA (90017) if you want to meet in person. Otherwise feel free to ask me any questions you have. SOLD...
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    Continuing to clear out hardware that I’ve moved on from. Everything is in good working condition and includes shipping to CONUS and I’m willing to ship international or to a freight forwarder. As always I can provide references if needed, but I have a good track record of selling here. Payment...
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    Supermicro 2011 and 2011-3 Motherboards, E5 CPUs, 16GB ECC REG DDR4, 960GB Samsung SSDs

    Will repost with updated list as I kinda let this die due to a family emergency
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    FS: (Qty 12) 16GB DDR4 Reg ECC Hynix HMA42GR7MFR4N-TF

    I've started the conversion to 32GB DIMMs and now have a surplus of 16GB to sell off. These modules are on a a lot of the Supermicro qualification lists if that matters to you. They've all been working without issues in a couple of Supermicro motherboards. Ideally I'd like to sell in one or two...