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    (SOLVED) Need help with Nextcloud and Reverse proxy

    Hello Has a small problem with NC and reverse proxy. When I try to log in via the app in Windows, then it does not work. When I log in via Chrome, everything works, but NC showing my ip there. Can someone check my config.php file if something is missing? I can not log in to NC if I delete my IP...
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    (SOLVED) Problem with WOL and IPMI on Supermicro X10DRi-T4+

    Hi everone, have 2 motherboards that I want them to start automatically. tried both WoL and IPMI, and it does not work. In the BIOS I do not find WoL. I have TrueNAS. Can anyone help me, please.
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    Cable to Raid Controller

    Has 4 SSDs and wants to connect them to the raid card. Which cable do I need to buy for it to work? with kind regards Sejtan
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    Nextcloud + reverse proxy nginx

    Hey all Trying to set up reverse proxy and and not working as I thought. Setup goes well, but when I have to change nginx file then it does not work as it should. I want to know how to set my nginx file to access my plex, unifi, heimdall and grafana.
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    Reset BIOS Supermicro X10DRi-T4+

    Hello Bought a used server with X10DRi-T4+ MB, where the BIOS is password protected. Guy, who I bought from, does not remember it. Wondering how to restore it? Best regards, Sejtan
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    Supermicro SC847 ssd tray

    Yesterday I bought an SSD for FreeNAS cache for my SC847 server. But it turned out, it can not be installed. Then I wonder if you can buy a converter from 3.5" to 2.5". Or should I ignore the SSD and invest in more RAM. I has 64GB of RAM now. :) Sejtan
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    New Supermicro chassi SC847 (super quiet)

    Hi my internet friends, I am considering investing in a new SC847 chassis. It sounds pretty much. If I buy new fans Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM or FAN-0104L4 and replace them, I can minimize noise level. Chassi has two PWS-1K28P-SQ 1280W. 20-10-02 13-30-40 Njanja