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    No more entry level mini tower servers?

    Several years ago, I bought a Lenovo TS140 with entry level specs and have been happy using it as a light duty server running ESXi6 and now ESXi7 but it appears that VMware is going to drop support for Haswell CPUs soon. So I thought I'd buy a more recent prebuilt version of a Dell/HP/Lenovo in...
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    i5-4570T vs i5-4590T for light hypervisor cluster

    I'd like to buy some Micro/Tiny PCs and set up a beginner homelab Proxmox cluster and can either buy them with i5-4570T CPUs with 2 cores and 4 threads or i5-4590T with 4 cores and 4 threads for only a little more money. You'd think the decision would be obvious but the former is 2.9-3.6GHz...
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    CableCreation USB 3 Type-C 2.5GbE adapter for $20

    The one reviewed on STH with a USB-A connector is $30 on Amazon while this one with a USB-C connector is $20. The only difference is the type of USB connector
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    Testing limits of home Ethernet wiring

    We started out with 100Mb connections in our home-run wired house and, over time, moved up to gigabit connections without incident. I recently ran a couple of 10Gb links in my home office using DAC cables and am now thinking I should test the in-wall wiring to see whether any of the cables can...
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    Netgear 16-port web/smart managed gigabit switch

    I'm looking to upgrade the unmanaged distribution switch to something with a few features like statistics and VLANs and the Netgear GSS116E seems like the right form factor for my closet. However, a reviewer on Amazon warned that Netgear gear likes to "phone home" occasionally. Another reviewer...
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    HBA in PCI-E x16 slot in a Lenovo TS140?

    I just got a TS140 and would like to add a 4i+4e HBA. Has anyone been able to use a PCI-Ex8 card in the PCI-Ex16 slot usually meant for graphics card? Thanks