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    SAS card and HDD recommendations?

    Hello everyone. I acquired a dell t7500 that is loaded with 2 quad core xeons and ecc memory. I'm going to start using it as my primary server in the home and basically consolidate all my raspberry pi's and VPS's to this single machine. I am looking for the "right:" hardware to do...
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    Docker unifi and webserver questions

    Hello everyone. Just got a new machine and decided to go with ubuntu after windows 1903 upgrade smashed my controller and nginx setup. Im new to docker and have only spent a couple hours getting familiar with it. I wanted to propose my setup to you folks and see if you think this is a good...
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    Multiple Subnets on Multiple Switches, No VLAN

    Hello everyone. I am trying to build out a network, and the issues, and responses I'm getting to those issues are making it sound like what i want to do is impossible. fyi i am using all unifi gear So, the goal: to pre-configure device IPs (cameras, smart home devices, computers, Wifi ap's...