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    Supermicro Guide - Potential new purchase

    Good day everyone! I am looking to possibly purchase a new server to replace my Dell R710 running FreeNAS. Right now all my bays are full and there isn't much more I can do to expand the storage or add SSDs or NVME for caching etc. I am looking at potentially purchasing a SuperMicro server...
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    Dell R710 gen 2 memory question

    Hello, I currently have a Dell r710 gen 2 with 16x4gb of hynix 1333mhz Pc3-10600 (HMT151R7TFR4C-H9) memory. Can I add 2x8gb dimms to fill the slots or do I need to add 2x4gb? Thank you in advance. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    M1015, Still required?

    Good morning and Happy New Year. This is my first post, so thanks for having me. I am also brand spankin new at FreeNas, so I appreciate any patience you can afford. I did a quick search but haven't seen any posted since earlier than July 2017. I am running VMware ESXi or whatever hypervisor...