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    Supermicro X11DPH compatibility with 3200AA Memory?

    I'm trying to test some SK Hynix / Samsung memory which are all 3200AA (ECC Registered, of course). On my X11DPH-T test board running a 2nd gen Xeon Scalable (6230), the system doesn't post with ANY of the modules (1,2,4,8) of them. System log indicates - Failing DIMM (Uncorrectable memory...
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    Need a SAN upgrade for our FreeNAS & Xen-XCP Cluster - Starwinds VSAN?

    We're trying to decide if we should move our FreeNAS machines to a HA Starwinds VSAN. This is a bit of uncharted territory for us as we've historically been a 100% Linux/BSD shop all the way and as our direction now is to have HA for our main cluster, we've been struggling to find a Linux...
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    FS: 1.6, 3.84, 7.68TB, 15.36 TB SSDs, SAS, SATA & NVMe

    I'm clearing out some of our SSDs to make way for some new equipment in my test and design labs. SOLD - HGST Ultrastar SN200 7.68TB - NVME U.2 - Used - power on for 1 day to 8 Months respectively, between 0 to 43 Drive Writes respectively, 99-100% health (max 1% use), rated at 1 DWPD for 5...
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    Need help identifying a Ruler SSD, never seen this connector before

    Hi guys! One of my contacts was asking me if I knew what server this SSD would fit/belong to. From what I can see. it seems like it's a ruler-type SSD, however, the connectors dont match up to what would be the EDSFF/E1.S/E1.L connectors. This almost seems like a hybrid between a M.2 NVME...
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    Toshiba PM5-R 15.36TB SAS SSDs, 16/32/64/128GB DDR4 RAM

    For Sale : SOLD. 1) Toshiba PM5-R 15.36TB SAS3 SSDs (Read Intensive, 1DWPD, 27.37 PB) Open box - bought for a storage project which got canned unfortunately. Smartmontools has been run with a clean report on each drive - most drives are at 0hrs and a few are at 1hrs. International shipping...
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    Switch Advice for Mellanox IB QDR networking

    I've got a couple of SuperServer 6027TR-HTQRF nodes sitting around and i've been meaning to put them into a XenServer/ESXi environment with a 2U X9DRi running FreeNAS/Starwinds shared storage. Now, the 6027TR-HTQRF nodes come stock with a Mellanox Infiniband ConnectX-3 QSFP port. I'm looking at...
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    FS: 4x Intel S3700 800GB, 2x Intel S3710 800GB

    I've got about 6 drives from a project that fell through and didn't get deployed. ALL SOLD.
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    IBM x3650 M4 - Add-on SAS Backplane power woes

    I've got an IBM x3650 m4 that i'm trying to upgrade out to accommodate 16 drives (8 existing + 8 add-on backplane). Now everything is pretty straight forward - I have two options - A) Non-expander backplane - run another pair of SAS cables to another RAID controller, plug in Y cables to both...
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    FS: Brand New Samsung PM963 1.92TB 2.5" U.2 NVMe SSDs

    FS - 6x Samsung PM963 1.92TB 2.5 U.2 NVME SSDs I've got half a dozen of the above drives up for sale. Brand new - never been used in bulk packaging. Asking $800 each shipped within CONUS, and a very nominal fee internationally (depending on specific countries) - as soon as my featherweight...
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    Intel 540s 2.5", 600p NVMe M.2 Drives, New & Used

    Have some extras from a deployment and was wondering if anybody was interested here before they go up on eBay. New - SOLD 2 - Intel 1TB 540s 2.5 10 - Intel 1TB 600p M.2 NVMe Used - SOLD 1 - Intel 1TB 540s 2.5 M.2 3 - Intel 1TB 600p M.2 NVMe Used drives are VERY lightly used. Some are...
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    FS: Intel DC S3500 1.6TB SSD, Brand New - $440 each

    I have 9 Intel DC S3500 1.6TB SSDs for sale. Brand new, unused and unsealed in the manufacturer's anti-static packaging. The drives have 0 power on hours, 0GB reads and 0GB writes. Based on a quick check on Intel's website, the drives have varied warranty expiration dates in December 2020. I...
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    Intel (IBM Firmware) DC S3500 1.6TB SSD - Brand New

    I have about 15 Intel (IBM Firmware) DC S3500 1.6TB SSDs up for sale. Brand new, unsealed in manufacturer's packaging. I've not been on the boards for long but have been on eBay for 15 or so years, if a reference is needed. Have sold to a couple of STH members via eBay as well. Asking $380...