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  1. Patrick

    ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T Review an ATX AMD EPYC Platform

    I know folks have wanted this to be reviewed for some time. We have the X570 Ryzen platform and the TRX40 Threadripper platform as well.
  2. Patrick

    Ubiquiti ER-X Review Getting Into the EdgeRouter X

    Congratulations on your first STH article! It was great grabbing lunch this week as well.
  3. Patrick

    Any interest in forecast planning type content?

    The piece I was thinking about ended up getting covered a bit today in:
  4. Patrick

    Introducing Project TinyMiniMicro Home Lab Revolution

    I think I may have a way to add a second 1GbE to TMM nodes inexpensively, but it will be Realtek based. @Geran if you sell the M720q to get one of the thin clients let me know. I can also look and see if we have one of the above thin clients in storage to sweeten the deal. I do not have a M720q...
  5. Patrick

    Introducing Project TinyMiniMicro Home Lab Revolution

    Not traditional PCIe expansion, but some do have a PCIe slot. If you really want PCIe, it is probably better looking at another form factor such as the non- Tiny/Mini/Micro SFFs.
  6. Patrick

    HP 8GB Mini $100

    Well, review/ video are going up on the 705 G3 Mini's tomorrow. I almost like where it is, but I am not satisfied still.
  7. Patrick

    HP 8GB Mini $100

    Hopefully, we are going to have a review on this tomorrow. @jmsq it did not work out of the box with the Athlon 200GE. Maybe newer firmware, but at that point just buy a better CPU in the first place. I would not be surprised if that one was gone by tomorrow.
  8. Patrick

    Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB Review Large Inexpensive NVMe

    This is the 2TB model. Will already has the 8TB model done from what I can see in WP.
  9. Patrick

    STH YouTube Channel - Yes we have one

    Yes on VidIQ paid. It adds features, however, I am not 100% sure how useful it is. 50/50 on whether I will renew it next year.
  10. Patrick

    STH YouTube Channel - Yes we have one

    Today, another milestone. We just hit 25,000 subscribers. In the post above I thought this milestone would happen around three months after the May 24, 2020 post. Instead, it happened in only two months. Yikes. The first post above was at 3K subs. Apparently there was a 1K sub post as well...
  11. Patrick

    What are you using Proxmox for?

    Yes. There are still a few bits that do not use Proxmox VE to host. An example is that AWS Route 53 handles DNS. Mailchimp handles our newsletter, and bits like that we are not hosting directly. In fact, we actually have Proxmox VE nodes now that are basically just being used as ZFS storage...
  12. Patrick

    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    I do not have one yet, but @William reviewed the M720q which has internal pics. Also, this one made it to the main site today: And a...
  13. Patrick

    Introducing Project TinyMiniMicro Home Lab Revolution

    @Geran probably not these boxes if you are just doing pfSense. I really prefer having i210/ i350 NICs and multiple NICs versus doing VLANs on a single NIC.
  14. Patrick

    H11DSi with Dual Epyc failing to boot Windows Server install (2016 and 2019)

    Did you try this? We had to get a patch last August to do the initial benchmarks because Windows couldn't handle that many threads per CPU. From what I understand it was...
  15. Patrick

    AsrockRack x570d4i-2T

    I think we are going to be doing a review of these soon.
  16. Patrick

    Of Cheap(er) Meats, Small Apartments and microservers...

    @WANg this needs to be trimmed but Costco is now at $3.49/lb for USDA Prime brisket. During the shortages, it was up to $5.99/lb. The other two they brought me from the back were 17.5lbs.
  17. Patrick

    My BBQ and Smoker Thread

    Taking a few knife photos using a variation of how we do STH photos but on the same set. Probably passable.
  18. Patrick

    Of Cheap(er) Meats, Small Apartments and microservers...

    I have been to a Portuguese wedding in Newark, but next time I am heading to EWR I may try this! Thanks!
  19. Patrick

    WD Gold 16TB 18TB and 20TB Models Inbound Plus EAMR

    To me, that is the wrong way to fix the problem. It is good to alert users. The warning needs to happen before the drives are purchased and installed. Bob - I thought I read it in one of the initial press releases. I also confirmed via e-mail to WD.