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    EU [FS] SSDs SAS3 - 3.84TB, 3.2T/U.2 - 3.84TB, 2TB/ + Supermicro stuff and more BIG SALE

    Hello, My New Year's resolution is to sell all the stuff I don't need, so all prices are negotiable. SSDs: U.2 2x 2TB Intel P3500 (Intel) used ~99% ~3500h 2700/1800 MB/s Warranty Intel 03/2022 230 220 180 EUR/each 3.84TB Intel D7-P5500 PCIe 4.0 (Dell EMC) new 7000/3500 MB/s 480 440 350 EUR...
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    EU SSD Seagate IronWolf 110 3.84TB 3840GB 400 EUR
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    EU [FS] Supermicro 1U E3 v5/ 32GB + ioDrive II Duo 2.4TB + Intel SAS expander + Quadro P5000 + HBA 9305-16e

    Supermicro 1151 X11SSH-F Intel Xeon E3-1220 V5 3.0-3.5GHz 32GB 2133MHz 4x8GB ECC UDIMM Supermicro SYS-5019S-ML (NO FRONT USB CABLE) 350 EUR Dell 2410GB 2.4TB ioDrive II Duo MLC PCI-E 99.9% Life left 300 EUR WD SS530 3.2TB (100h used) 400 EUR Intel SAS EXPANDER RES2SV240 NEW (no BOX) 80...
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    EU FS: New Intel P3500 2.0TB U.2 x16 ALL SOLD

    I have some new Intel P3500 2.0TB that I bought from the company I work for. Still under Intel warranty until 03/2022 ALL SOLD
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    EU WTS

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    EU FS: DDR4 32GB 2933MHz x8 SOLD

    To whom it may concern, I am listing for sale 8 new DDR4 32GB 2933MHz memory chips, which came from a LGA3647 server (I decided to keep 4 of the 12 chips for myself). Price: SOLD Shipping from Poland to other European countries: 15-30 € Preferred payment method: PayPal or bank transfer If you...
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    EU 3U Supermicro MicroCloud 96GB 24/48 Cores

    Server 3U Supermicro MicroCloud 96GB 24/48 Cores SOLD I bought this server for my personal use and kept it in my apartment. However due to the loud nosie that is makes I decieded to sell it. That’a the main reason that prompted me to list it here. I am looking forward to receiving reasonable...
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    EU FS: Intel Xeon E5-2690 v2 Pair

    Hi guys, looking to sell or trade. 2x Intel E5-2690 V2 (Pair) 440$ or OBO Imgur Payments Paypal or bank trasfer Shipping is 20-35$ in EU