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    Dell R720 no drives detected

    I just bought an R720, came with 2 SATA drives plugged into backplate. The machine has no raid card and I dont need raid. Came from a data center and used with hypervisor for compute without disks. In bios there is no mention of disks, in f10 settings, says disk unavailable. When boot linux...
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    Best 32gb dimm for asrock x99 MB

    I have an Asrock X99 WS mb, in specs on main site the board can support 32gb dimms for a total of 256gb. However I haven't been able to find anywhere which specific dimms are supported. I could 1) use the 32gb version of 16gb dimms on QVL list, 2) get most common (whatever that is) sk...
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    Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ error beep codes

    Just put together a sm X9DRI-LN4F+ with single cpu and 2x ram dimms. Only installed 1x v1 cpu, 2x matching ram dimms pulled from working system and vga cable to monitor. On power on cpu fan runs, i get two beeps and a 30 sec pause then two beeps and a 10 sec pause and a bip. Manual only...
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    E5-2690 build really sluggish

    I have just put together a HP Proliant ML350p gen8 with mods being replacing 2xE5-2620's with a single E5-2690 cpu, noctua CPU cooler and noctua fan replacements for the Delta fans following this thread I am...
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    Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ wont power on

    I bought a used SM X9DRi-LN4F+ rev 1.1 on ebay, received 2 weeks ago, sourced some xeons and got round to modding a phanteks enthoo primo case to fit the motherboard and 3x gpus (one on a custom bracket connecting via pcie riser), only to find the board wont power on. Tested psu and it works...
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    Fulfilled [WTB] Xeon E5-26xx v1/2 pair

    NB this WTB request has been fulfilled Looking for a pair of any of: E5-2690 v2 E5-2680 v2 E5-2673 v2 E5-2667 v2 E5-2650 v2 E5-2690 Posted to Australia (should be pretty easy given their size and weight).
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    Case for Supermicro X9DRi -LN4F

    I just bought a Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F dual socket E-ATX/EE-ATX? motherboard. I have an Phanteks enthoo primo case (and EVGA DG87 -7 holes required, and dark base 900-not really big enough) but will have to drill 3 holes along top of board to fit mounts. Id rather not do this as modified a case...