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    Brocade 6450 multiple lan rooting

    Hi, I recently upgrade my home switch from a 16 ports netgear GS116E with a Brocade 6450 24 ports. Everything was directly plugged in the switch. I have a simple architecture : a network 192.168.1.x used by default between the ISP modem (Freebox server) and the ISP IPTV box (Freebox player)...
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    X10SRL-F BIOS protected

    Hi, I got a X10SRL-F on eBay but upon testing it, the BIOS is password protected. I ask the seller but he doesn't have it. I try a couple of default one, but nothing so far. Is there a way to circumvent that or is sending it back the only solution ? Cheers, Serge
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    Looking for a SFP+ network card (Win2019)

    Hi, I am looking for a 10gb network card with a SFP+ interface. I already have an Asus one with Aquantia chip, but I have some drop of connection regularly so I want to move on something more "server", like Chelsio or Intel. It needs to be 2U compatible, and ideally not too power hungry...
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    Advice for a switch >= 24ports / 1gb

    Hi, I own a Netgear GS116v2 (16 ports 1gb). All ports are used and I frequently see interface going from 1000mb to 100mb. Usually, I just unplug/plug the RJ45 jack and it gets back to 1000mb but I suspect this switch is a little bit under performing for my setup. I am looking for a switch...
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    Arago 930-8i

    Hi, I recently got a Arago 930-8i in order to have 2 SSD in RAID1 for installing an ESXi7 server. I choose this card because it was on the VMware list and was cheap enough (I just need basic redundancy). The card is use with a Supermicro X10SDV. I was confused first as I was not able to get...
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    advice on quiet 2U PSU

    Hi, The title says almost it all ;). I am looking for a super quiet 2U PSU. It won't need to have a lot of power, let's say 300w at max. So anything above that will be good as long as it is quiet. I already tried a Seasonic 2U H2U, but it was not what I was looking for (the fan specs where...
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    Advice for RAID card supported by ESXi7

    Hi, I am looking for a RAID card with ESXi7 support. It just need to be able to host 2 SSD (SATA), so the cheaper is the better. What is the best card to get ? Thanks, Serge
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    X10SDV - IPMI problem sensor reading

    Hello, I have a Supermicro X10SDV and upon browsing its IPMI webpage I notice that there are no sensors reading under the server health. In the columns Readings it says "not present" and for status, "N/A". It is the same for all the sensors. I tried to get back to default setting, but without...
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    Advice about NVMe U2 card / backplane

    Hello, I am a little bit a newbie about SAS U2 card but I am looking for a RAID controller or HBA able to support multiple U2 SSD, at least 4, but 8 will be ideal. Do you have any advice on such device ? Cheers, Serge
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    Ultrastar SN200 connectors

    Hi folks, I am doing some research to upgrade my NAS and I am thinking to have some SSD in it. I always use SATA drives and know that there are other type of interface, but never really bother. I did some research about the Ultrastar SN200 in order to verify that it will work in my setup, but...