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    EU Gone

    Wanted to take these myself but can't. Seller has been on great deals more than once. 18 left Enjoy
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    EU 45,- Xeon E5-2618L V3 2.3-3.4Ghz 75W CPU Not sure if the seller has the specifics correct as these seem to be 8 core 75 watt variants unless i am mistaken? Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2618L v3 (20M Cache...
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    EU !€150,- HP DL380 G9 Barebone! 4TB HDD ULTRASTAR

    2 x Barely used DK7SAF400 HGST Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000 4TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gbps 64MB Cache (512e) 3.5-inch Internal Hard Drive 2016 €80,- each 8 x HP DL380 G9 Barebone servers available in pristine condition. (also have E5-2643v3 and E5-2678v3 if needed) The backplane only supports up to 4...
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    EU ended

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    EU SELL 96 x 8GB DDR3 ECC 10600R @ 11 EUR

    Shipping USA 20,- EUROPE 10,- PayPal Will post some photo's / model numbers soon, most are hynix chips, some have heatsinks. Will have the following items available soon: 64 x 16GB 10600R HP DL380 G9 server Supermicro dual LGA2011-3 motherboard Intel / EMC LGA2011 server
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    Xeon E5-2673v3 + X99 DDR3! Motherboard €180/$200

    Picked up a few of these x99 DDR3 motherboards a while ago. Seems like a great deal with all those cheap E5-2673v3, E5-2676v3 and E5-2678v3's out there. Combining them with the E5-2673v3's i got this week at 100 euro's each it makes a decent workstation or perhaps a home server? All these DDR3...
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    159$ US 'new' Quanta D51B-1U LGA2011-3 Server Best Offer

    As always, the best deals are for USA. New Quanta D51B-1U Servers Dual LGA2011 V3 2x 750W Power Dual Intel E5-26xx V3 | eBay No idea if its new but it seems like a decent deal. Oh and, seems like only one available. Good luck.
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    E5-2678v3 @ 139$ SR20Z 2.5GHz 12 Core Asked seller to rethink his price increase. He changed the price back to 139$ one left. ================================================================== Have some of these for sale myself but found some much cheaper in USA. Perhaps the seller can go...
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    EU 35 x Samsung / Cisco 32GB DDR4 = 84 euro

    Shipping from The Netherlands to EUROPE/USA. (Contact me for any other region to see if i can ship to you). Conditions: No trades, PayPal only, Shipping for non servers @ 10-25 EUR, All items are used but in perfect condition unless stated otherwise. Have some more DDR4 RAM available, more...
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    EU FS: 16 x E5-4620 v3 - 139,- ea BEST OFFER

    FS: 16 x E5-4620 v3 - 139,- ea , coming from some 2 socket LGA2011-3 servers i had previously sold (some on ServeTheHome). Perfect working condition. Decent value for money 10 - core chips 2.0Ghz / 2.6Ghz Turbo compared to the E5-2650 v3 8 SOLD Price in Euro's PayPal Only Free shipping
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    EU 2x 32GB DDR4 , 4 x E5-2660v3

    PRICES ARE IN EURO Shipping: EU should be 10-20 euro's, Worldwide = ask me for a quote. Payment: PayPal only. 4x E5-2660v3 - 400 obo DDR4 RAM (pulled from my sick workstation with dual E5-2690v3 ES QFRX i built knowing i didn't need such performance... why did i even build this?) 4 x...
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    EU Looking for server box filling like Polyethylene

    Looking for some form of packaging to ship around 50 x 1u server, one per box. I already have the boxes for them, just looking for shock proof solutions. If anyone has lots of spare to sell or another idea, it would be greatly appriciated! Thanks
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    For Sale ~ DDR3 RAM 8GB / 16GB x 80+

    For Sale Hi, welcome to my for sale thread. Interested in an item? Bad price? Post here and send PM :) Really did not feel like putting too much time in listing this all, photo's or video is available for all items, i also have a good eBay record. Items (price per item in Euro) All...
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    EU Finished

    I need two or more lower priced v3 / v4 chips to test a couple of R3 boards. Any help will be greatly appreciated, I also have a large stock of lga2011 servers, ram, processors to trade. Normal or QS preferred, looking for lower prices than ebay. Payment will be by PayPal only. Feel free to...
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    EU 120 x 8gb @ 14 eu - ddr3 ECC mix Samsung micron hynix

    I have a box of 120 x 8gb ddr3 ECC mixed ram sticks that are not being used at the moment. I will put them on eBay when i come back home from vacation but I figured maybe someone on here can use them. Looking to get 14 eu each for these in lots of at least 8. Best offers accepted, feel free to...
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    EU 185GBP LGA-2011-3 (v3/v4 cpu) Intel R2208WTTYSR Barebones

    Sorry, seller seems to have sold them all.
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    EU & USA WTS 4 - node E5 Server H2216JFJR

    We have a couple 4 node intels H2216JFJR servers that we are selling on Ebay. They have been lightly used but look new. 4 sold already via STH so i figured i'd start a selling thread, we have 3 left. Two sold, one reserved. The current configuration is 8 x E5-2603 + 64GB ram in 4GB ram modules...
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    Help requested: Quad LGA2011 Build

    I need help finding items for my new build! IDEA Build a very cheap QUAD CPU E5 V1 SERVER or WORKSTATION (modding is a possibility). A few months back (with the help of the deals thread on ServeTheHome) i purchased this board: OWNED Supermicro X9QR7-TF+ 200,- - Supermicro | Products |...
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    EU WTB 8x : Xeon E5-2600 8-core deals 2650/2660/2670/x?

    Hey, i recently purchased a 4 node server that can take dual E5-2600 v1/v2 processors and i was looking for someone that had some spare processors for a good deal /price (don't have lots to spend as a student so any info on deals is very much appreciated aswell!). Looking for either of the...
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    EU EU - WTB (or need advice buying) RAM / SSD / HDD

    Looking for the best value for money on 3 items. Any advice on where to buy these items for very good value for money is welcome! I am a basic home server user and really just build and do stuff for fun on them. I recently missed out on the chance to buy 64GB ECC DDR3 RAM for 60 euros so...