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  1. Stanza

    Good simple guide to boot and root from/on lan?

    OK here's the deal I have multiple Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Debian etc Servers that I play with at home. And I want to simplify my life A LOT Always known about it, sometimes had a fiddle to get it going... but usually ran out of time or changed systems around... so never actually managed to get...
  2. Stanza

    Supermicro CSE-825TQ-R740LPB refurb @tigerdirect $99.72

    Alright for the money.... Says if comes with rails etc. Good case if you only need 8 bays Rails and psu would cost that. SM CSE-825TQ-R740LPB BLACK (Refurbished) at
  3. Stanza

    Newer Supermicro PSU's to upgrade an old box with newer tech

    OK I know bugger all about electrikery... I found an old Supermicro (looks like CSE-745 chassis) but I believe maybe an older 7045B-8R gen chassis. ?? could be a 745 tho? Currently it has a H8DM3-2 board in it. Gobbles a little bit of power.:oops: Tho it has 2 x quad core cpu's and can take...
  4. Stanza

    Cheap QUAD Port Nics

    Sun ATLS1QGE Cards $25.95 Free Ship Low Profile Sun Quad Port PCIe Gigabit Network Adapter 501 7606 06 Low Profile ATLS1QGE | eBay $29.99 plus $5 post High Profile (I think from the bad photo) Sun Oracle 511 1422 Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Adapter UTP X4447A Z ATLS1QGE | eBay Features The Sun...
  5. Stanza

    Atom d2550 motherboards $45

    2 cores 4threads, low power. Might be handy for someone Intel D2550DC2 motherboard Intel BLKD2550DC2 D2550DC2 Desktop Board DDR3 HDMI New Board with Accessories | eBay
  6. Stanza

    Supermicro rails $29.98

    Supermicro quick rail kit Seem to fit quite a few models “For Supermicro SC213/216/823M/825/825M/826/835/836/936” Supermicro MCP 290 00053 0N Quick Rail Rack KIT | eBay
  7. Stanza

    Older Supermicro 771 server.... Worth it for the case?

    Looks to be new in box, prob worth it to someone to turn into a nas box with a cheap low powered motherboard..... Eg Xpenology. Sell off the unwanted bits to reclaim some cashola. $99 Ion Supermicro Server Computer | eBay
  8. Stanza

    Tripp lite rack mount pdu $19.99

    Might be good for some of you USA folk. Tripp Lite PDU1220 Rack Mount PDU Power Distribution Unit | eBay
  9. Stanza

    Quad G34 socket Dell C6145 Motherboard?

    Never seen a Dell C6145 before, but they look interesting PowerEdge C6145 | Dell Australia Motherboard on eBay for one going for $149 Dell PowerEdge C6145 Server Quad Socket G34 DDR3 AMD Motherboard DW8Y5 40N24 | eBay Might make an interesting project for someone? 4 x 16core CPUs could...
  10. Stanza

    QLOGIC qle8150 10gbps cna cards $67.95

    Only single port, but cheap Qlogic QLE8150 10 GB S PCI E Converged Network Adapter CNA QLE8150 CU E SP | eBay
  11. Stanza

    Dell 2.5inch PCI-E SSD Cage + Controller

    Saw this on ebay Pcie SSD SAS Card Expander KIT Dell Poweredge Server R720 R820 Ypnrc N2R9K 693W6 | eBay and was wondering what the controller was... Then I looked into it some more and realized it's a new way to connect SSD's direct to the PCI=E Slot eg not using a card type...
  12. Stanza

    Bulk lot of c6100 drive trays ?

    LOL Anyone want a few drive trays for a C6100? And by a few I mean a LOT of them...... Gaylord Dell PowerEdge C6100 Server 3 5" SATA SAS Hard Drive Caddy Trays | eBay Hmm what's 2500 x 4tb drives ? 10000 .
  13. Stanza

    Dell J23c 23 bay storage $83.99

    Wow.... No trays but seems cheap Dell Ultradensestorage J23 SAS Sata Cloud Storage Array Jbod Chassis | eBay
  14. Stanza

    2 x SSD in a PCI Slot?

    Simple but effective, and for $8.99 Kingwin KW-PCI2H25 2 Bay PCI-E HDD Frame For 2.5" IDE/SATA HDD/SSD Kingwin KW-PCI2H25 Kingwin KW-PCI2H25 2 Bay PCI-E HDD Frame For 2.5" IDE/SATA HDD/SSD from .
  15. Stanza

    Anyone after low-profile brackets?

    Found this listing LOW Profile Bracket FOR Adaptec Atto Dell HP IBM Intel LSI Supermicro Raid Cards | eBay I know a few here were chasing some of these. .
  16. Stanza

    Supermicro SC417 88x2.5inch Bay $911.97 Refurb

    here is a bargain for someone 417E16-RJBOD1 88BAY 4U 2.5IN (Refurbished) at Specs here Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products | Chassis | 4U | SC417E16-RJBOD1 List Price: $2,399.90 Instant Savings: - $1,487.93 (62%) Price: $911.97 $865.97 now
  17. Stanza

    $959 10gb switches...if you can handle the damage??

    hmmm FCOE? Top of Rack Switches 24 x 10g or 1g SFP+ ports Full specs here IBM Redbooks | IBM System Networking RackSwitch G8124E Say they are working, but they are damaged a bit (dropped?) Might be ok for someone? IBM Blade Rackswitch G8124 E 24 10 Gigabit Ports SFP 10GB Damaged Working...
  18. Stanza

    Beware - Emulex 10GbE Virtual Fabric Adapter II x8 PCI-E slot

    Just thought I would mention here I have a couple of IBM 49Y7942 eg rebranded Emulex OCE11102 cards Anyone wanting to use this card, please be aware it won't physically fit into a x8 PCI-E slot I thought I was going mad at 1st..... Tried it in a Dell Poweredge R310 Fit in the right side...
  19. Stanza

    Recovering bad Broadcom cards

    OK, I am in the process of trying to recover an IBM X3400 M3 server I have two of these, both identical .... Tho the problem child seems to have flakey onboard Broadcom NetXtreme II (dual port on motherboard) BCM5716C (similar to a BCM5709) From cold boot it's random if the nics work or not...