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    Dell R330 Extraneuous Fan Noice After 10G Card

    Hello! I have a Dell R330 that has been running for maybe 8 months now. Just serving as a basic ESX host. It has always ran very cool and with fans on low speed is very bearable. About 2 months ago I put a Mellanox Connect 3 10G card into it. It ran fine for maybe a week but now the fans have...
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    Best Way To Run Fiber Indoors to Outdoors?

    Hello! Long story short I want to run a fiber link from my utility room rack to a detached garage shop. The rack is in the front left corner of the house basement and the detached garage would be out past the back rear corner of the house. Pretty much as far away as it can be. If this doesn't...
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    FS: Brocade ICX 6450-48

    I have a spare Brocade ICX 6450-48P sitting here. It's been updated and configured and licensed and ready to go as per the fohdeesha thread. 4x 10G ports and layer 3 routing firmware on it. It's a POE model, but the POE does *NOT* work. The POE board inside has a dead chip on it, and so it's...