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    Scam Alert ... E5-2667 v4 (Pair)

    Looks like another scam account.
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    [WTB] Netgear M4300-8X8F or 12X12F

    As title, looking for used Netgear M4300-8X8F or 12X12F with reasonable price.
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    Need a non-vendor locked 7302P. Please reply this thread or send a DM if you have one for sell.
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    WTB Supermicro JBOD kit

    I would love to buy these supermicro JBOD kit as a bundle or separately. 1x CSE-PTJBOD-CB3-OP: JBOD card with IPMI 1x MCP-120-84702-0N: CB3 JBOD Card Bracket 1x AOM-SAS3-8I8E-LP: Ext. to Int. Mini-SAS HD Adapter (Lowprofile) 2x CBL-CDAT-0601: 4P-4P I2C cable 1x CBL-NTWK-0587: IPMI Cable 1x...
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    Relatively new Supermicro JBOD Power Board - CSE-PTJBOD-CB3

    Anyone using this board with non-supermicro backplanes? Fan speed control is definitely not working without the I2C cable. Wonder if the IPMI will work or not.