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  1. Stanza

    Konica Minolta Print cost reduction program. Worth it ?

    Depend so what your users printing uses are like, but yes they can save your company bucket loads of money via print management software etc. Definitely worth looking into. Also sometimes it's cheaper to upgrade all your copiers printers etc to newer models.... as changing over to newer model...
  2. Stanza

    Drive IO errors on external SAS JBOD

    SATA cable length limit is 1metre I believe.... BUT SATA is encapsulated within the SAS in theory your only SATA cable sould be from the expander to the backplane / drives..... And shouldn't include the rest of the cabling ?? .
  3. Stanza

    Beware - Emulex 10GbE Virtual Fabric Adapter II x8 PCI-E slot

    I found this page on howto get these bastards to link up in esxi 5.5 Fixing Emulex 10GbE on ESXi 5.5 Seems they dont like the elxnet driver... and you have to make it run with the standard be2net driver... removing the elxnet driver works, and the link comes up now at boot in esxi 5.5...
  4. Stanza

    Beware - Emulex 10GbE Virtual Fabric Adapter II x8 PCI-E slot

    popped everything up here.... still uploading at present emulex - Google Drive
  5. Stanza

    Beware - Emulex 10GbE Virtual Fabric Adapter II x8 PCI-E slot

    Hmmm been a long time, will see what I can find
  6. Stanza

    Any hot swap cages larger than 5 in 3?

    Supermicro | Products | Accessories | Mobile Racks | CSE-M28SACB 8 x 2.5inch drives in 2 x 5.25inch bays?
  7. Stanza

    True or false? Graphics cards and rack mounted servers...

    I run a HP ML350 G6 as a muck around workstation Popped in 2 x old 8600GT cards..... 4 Monitors and dual quad cores with 128Gig ram makes it do all I need it to do. ;)
  8. Stanza

    hdparm hpa gone bad

    try on a different machine 1st, Some controllers have issues with HPA (from memory) either completely ignoring it... or not reading it correctly. As you have found out HDPARM is a very powerful... but also dangerous tool... .
  9. Stanza

    hdparm hpa gone bad

    Reboot after? so the HPA is recognised? try my guide Guide to Restoring a crippled HDD's capacity or HDD Overclock - Overclockers Australia Forums .
  10. Stanza

    Performance anomaly m1015 vs supermicro aoc-saslp-mv8

    Is the 1015 running at it's native x8 speed? or has the PCI-E Slot it's in been clocked down some ? .
  11. Stanza

    Beware: Amazon Seagate drives sold by Platinum Micro

    Can you look them up on the Dell site? DP/N says Dell Part Number to me.
  12. Stanza


    Friend has one (I beleive it's this model) its just a simple core 2 duo board inside. so you can in theory put any OS you want on it. They are quiet with the original OS I am going to wait for him to want to sell it and buy it to run Xpenology on it. Should make a great Synology clone box I...
  13. Stanza

    Wife says DL360 G7 is too loud

    Can't you just sell it and buy a ml360/370? The ML series are quieter than the DL series .
  14. Stanza

    Adding external SAS disks to poweredge R905?

    have you tried changing the speed / version of the pci-e slots the card is in? eg change it from version 3 back to pcie-2 etc?
  15. Stanza

    Comparison: Intel i350-T4 Genuine vs Fake

    If you really want to be "put off" buying anything Watch this documentary The Fake Trade - Top Documentary Films It's pretty bad when a company decides to make a new factory in China..... not only to have their products faked.... but when things are that bad they CLONE a Whole "Real...
  16. Stanza

    SAS drives with high ECC corrected errors

    Bad Card / Bad Cable / Dicky PSU ?
  17. Stanza

    Mellanox IS5030 - Managed QDR Infiniband Switch Write-up

    What do you get with iperf -s -i 2 -t 20 -w 1024k -P 6 Iperf update interval every 2 seconds running for 20 seconds packet size 1024k running 6 concurrent thread .
  18. Stanza

    Rolled the dice on some Intel SSD ES drives

    Search ebay for 654540-001 then you can mount the 2,5's in your norco sleds
  19. Stanza

    LSI SAS 9201-8I and HP Microserver N54L

    For FreeNas, there should be no reason to go into the bios of the card.... or actually to have the bios installed on the card. Look for threads on how to flash the card..... and just flash the firmware.... leave the bios off the card. The card will then just act like it's more SATA ports...
  20. Stanza

    flashing an nvidia gpu for use with grid and vmware

    That just looks soooooo wrong with the heatsink underneath like that :confused: