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    FS: Asus X99-WS w/ IPMI nice workstation 2011-3 boards

    Hey there, I have some Asus X99-WS IPMI boards that we are pulling out of production. The ebay link is below, there is some room for BO's for you guys :) At peak we were contributing close to 1MH to the Servethehome Aeon pool and some of these were used for it. Bios updated to newest...
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    Gigabyte 2u GS-R22PDT quad node 2011 systems NIB

    Thank you for looking, I have 6x 2u gigabyte GS-R22PDT 4 node dual 2011 setups for $800 each You can view the ebay auction here / put in an offer for all 6 if you like :) Gigabyte GS-R22PDT 2u 4x dual 2011 bare bone quad node servers plat PS 2x Nic | eBay Let me know if you have any...